USB - PCI slot on Pentium MMX?

  Diemmess 21:33 18 May 2005

Present user of a now 3rd Hand 98SE computer is a friend who is quite happy with a minimal 166Mhz Pentium and 64Mb RAM

Now he has a new Olympus Camedia 760 and no means of downloading pictures to his computer, because this one was born before USB became the norm.

By telephone and according to Belarc, it seems under Controllers that he has an SIS 5513 (dual controller?)

I intend to fit a PCI-USB 2 card and install the software both for the card and camera.

Is this idea likely to succeed or fall over because the Mobo and its chipset are too old to install USB?

  woodchip 21:36 18 May 2005

It will only work at the low speed of USB 1.1, unless you get spesific USB 2 drivers with the card, that say it will work as USB 2 on Win98se

  Jak_1 21:41 18 May 2005

Have no reason to see why it should not work, 98SE came USB compliant. As Woodchip said USB2 drivers will be required for it to worn as USB2 however USB1 should not be a problem for transfering pics from cam to pc.

  woodchip 21:42 18 May 2005

PS before you decide to by a Card, take the side of the computer and check near the back of the motherboard, as it may have two rows USB 1 Headers these may be hidden by Com port wires check carefully, this should be adequate for the camera. If it as, you can buy a bracket with two usb socket cheap to plug on them. If you do the red wire goes to pin on the mobo right by the Pin Headers

  Diemmess 21:48 18 May 2005

Thanks to all, I just wanted reassurance that I had not missed a point somewhere.

Woodchip - I had such a setup on a motherboard since the MMX was built but was just nervous about the chipset of the controller.

My friend tends to examine each penny very carefully before committing himself, and I'm the one with Scottish ancestors!

  woodchip 21:52 18 May 2005

If you get a Braket and put the Plug on wrong the USB will not work no more. You will then have to buy a PCI/USB card. as above Red wire to pin one

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