USB to PCI card

  Perks 19:33 29 Nov 2003

Recently bought USB to PCI card from ebuyer and installed it in system running 98 SE. Windows only seems to detect " unknown device " and the ports do not recognise anything that's plugged in. There is supposed to be "Standard Open HCD USB Host Controller" under Universal Serial Bus in device manager, but is clearly not there and windows doesn't seem to recognise the hardware or have a driver for it. Anyone else had the problem or know of a workaround. Many Thanks

  [email protected] E 19:35 29 Nov 2003

I may be wrong but I don't think windows 98 supports USB

  Djohn 19:55 29 Nov 2003

Yes, win98 will recognise a USB PCI card but generally needs a driver installed to do so. A driver should have come with the card, most likely on a floppy disk as the info. is quite small. You may also need to look in your BIOS to enable USB support from the motherboard. j.

  -Beb- 19:55 29 Nov 2003

It does support USB. Sorry about my uselessness, but I know that it does support it

  Perks 02:12 30 Nov 2003

Thanks for the response. I think there is a wider issue here in that suppliers have a responsibility in ensuring that the the product is fit for purpose i.e. conforms with the specification advertised. This clearly does not and this may be an issue between me and the supplier but at least it informs you out there to think twice about buying such hardware. Windows is not infallable and all hardware\software is NOT compatable as advertised. If anyone does have a workaround I would be extremely grateful.

  DieSse 02:30 30 Nov 2003

You shouldn't require a workaround - unless it's actually faulty (which it may be, but is unlikely) - there is no reason that it shouldn't work. I think you're somewhat premature in saying it isn't "fit for purpose".

The card should have a driver disk for Win98SE - if it doesn't then you should go back to the supplier.

If you do have a driver disk, try fitting the card to a different PCI slot first.

Then try entering the BIOS, go to the PCI/PNP section - change the PNP O/S installed to Yes - change the Resources Controlled By to Auto and change the Reset Configuration Data to Enabled (this will automatically change back to disabled after the reboot. This allows all the card IRQs to be redetected and set up by the OS to handle the insertion of a new card. Then the software may install correctly.

  Perks 02:46 30 Nov 2003

Thanks DieSss
The card did not come with a driver Disk ( presumably because there is a driver expected to be in Win98SE). I will try having a look in the BIOS and let you know.

  metalmicky 07:14 30 Nov 2003

when you install the card and switch it on it should note new hardware found and then it will build adriver base if there are four u s b connections it will do this four time and will also ask for your win 98 disc and then it will be finished and ok if this does not happen then you need to look further for a problem

I agree with DieSss, it should have come with a driver disc unless it was OEM. Was there a manual with it? Sometimes software has to be loaded before the insertion of the PCI card. Have a look at the manufacturers web site, you may be able to download drivers from there.

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