Usb /Parallel connectors

  tanzanitre 17:28 19 Nov 2003

Im looking for a lead or connector (if their is such thing!) that will allow me to use a USB printer and connect it to a parallel port on PC.

  denchris 17:49 19 Nov 2003

click here click here

  tanzanitre 18:21 19 Nov 2003

Was that the correct link?

  Smiler 18:30 19 Nov 2003

I think the link you want is click here

but I also think that you can only connect parallel port devices to USB not USB to parallel.

  [email protected] E 18:45 19 Nov 2003

not according to maplins

  Lasse 19:13 19 Nov 2003

If you have not got USB it would probably be cheaper to buy a USB 2.0 card (PCI)

  BarryKeith 19:13 19 Nov 2003

As the parallel port and USB port are mutually incompatible, you would need an adapter to achieve your aims, which would be more costly than obtaining a USB card for your computer.

  tanzanitre 20:43 19 Nov 2003

Ok well if you can connect a parallel printer to a usb port,then surely you can do the reverse?
I cant see that item in maplin....only the parallel to usb!

  AubreyS 20:47 19 Nov 2003
  tanzanitre 20:48 19 Nov 2003

Second look at maplin shows that they sell a USB to parallel but their info on it says for connecting a parallel printer to a usb port? So does that mean i want a parallel to usb?

  tanzanitre 20:52 19 Nov 2003

Thanks but the item is same as maplin which is for connecting a parallel printer to a usb...I need the reverse!

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