USB over current on start

  bumpkin 21:45 30 Oct 2014

The message on trying to boot is "USB device over current status detected. Device will shut down in 15seconds" which it duly does but another press of the start button and up it runs with no message. Happens every time I start it up. XP on an old what I think is Emachine. All USB ports disconnected other that the onboard which are not damaged. The PSU tests out OK using a decent tester (Amtec). Question really is where does the message originate from.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:45 31 Oct 2014

card reader fitted?

  bumpkin 15:14 31 Oct 2014

No card reader just 2 USB on front which I have unplugged from mobo. 4 integral on back.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:26 31 Oct 2014

Its a BIOS report

either bad USB shorted to earth / motherboard fault - can be caused by something loose under the motherboard shorting it to case . seen this when people have fitted motherboard without standoffs.

  bumpkin 21:44 31 Oct 2014

FruitBat thanks, so it is of bios origin. Tried removing the cmos battery for a while but made no difference.Can I disable the onboard USB ports somewhere in settings just to check. This is an old machine that I am trying to fix up as a spare and to run my CCTV (Was using a VAIO before I broke it, another thread) Apart from the initial annoying shut down it seems to work reasonably from my XP HDD or Win7 HDD but if I connect both it can't find any boot media. As I say PSU checks out OK on a tester but then not much load on it. I am starting to think a PSU problem but really don't know yet. I can try a different PSU but gut feeling is that PSU is not the root cause. Mobo is on stand offs and if it was shorting then why does it not short the second time I try to start up, getting baffled.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:09 31 Oct 2014

Yes USB controller should be in the BIOS somewhere and you can disable then Save and exit(F10)

  bumpkin 22:18 31 Oct 2014

AmiBios, just looked and nothing obvious saying USB. In advanced "on board devices configuration" are options but unsure what they mean.

  bumpkin 23:16 31 Oct 2014

Yes it is an ASUS, I can tolerate the nuisance factor as once (IF) I have it working then it will be 24/7 for the cctv. My main concern now is why I can only use one HDD as I ideally need 2 or 3. One for W7 one for XP and one to record to only. This is what I had before and would like to have again if possible.

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