spleighpee 05:36 14 Sep 2011

I had problem on my Acer aspire 5541 AWXMi ,it says USB OVER CURRENT PORT.. im using the laptop charger without battery,Please can u help me how to solve this..Many thanks

  gengiscant 08:43 14 Sep 2011

It is very likely to be a hardware problem and shorting of internal USB wires or shorted motherboard circuits (could be due to dirt, etc). If it is still under warranty then return it for repair, if not under warranty it might prove expensive to sort.

  onthelimit1 08:49 14 Sep 2011

Do you have anything plugged into any USB port? The fact you're using mains without battery is not a factor.

  spleighpee 20:06 15 Sep 2011

i was trying to save my baterry thats why sometimes i remove it and use direct power from the charger.actually my baterry has been repacked last year ive been using it for 18 months now and its working perfectly ..So far the only problem is i cannot use my USB port no response at all any type that i plug in 3 usb port....Thanks a lot guys ..i appreciate allahnks your response..t

  Nontek 20:16 15 Sep 2011

Try re-installing your USB Ports - right-click My Computer then click on Properties>Hardware>Device Manager then expand USB Ports and uninstall each and every one, then re-start your computer, USB Ports will be automatically re-installed - and hopefully then work OK.

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