To USB, or not to USB?

  lodger 19:49 27 Apr 2004

I have an 8 year old pc running windows 98 se, 64mb ram, 233 Mhz MMx processor, and some free PCI slots.............So, can I stick USB in there, or do I need to upgrade the motherboard first?

  poogles_uk 19:50 27 Apr 2004

I had a 233 with built in (onboard) usb and had no problems, i think it should be ok!!

  QuickHare 19:53 27 Apr 2004

As long as you have Windows 98 and some free PCI slots, you can add away. As far as I know, Windows 95 is the only Windows that does not support USB ports.

You will probably need to install drivers for it, but they'll be on a CD or the Windows CD.

  spuds 19:54 27 Apr 2004

8 years old--Yes,upgrade motherboard and other parts (;o)

W98se may contain wording to the effect 'USB', but doe's it really!.

  lodger 20:01 27 Apr 2004

I'm going to put a USB 2 port in's only 20 quid !.........too good to miss.......... see? waiting all those years for prices to come down has finally paid off :)

  Graham ® 20:27 27 Apr 2004

Less than £20 on Ebuyer click here

Mind you, I bought one and fried my BIOS! Still, that's another story/thread.

  spuds 20:44 27 Apr 2004

As Graham states,much cheaper from eBuyer, but watch the delivery charge. If you purchase from ebuyer, and you select the cheapest, I would suggest that you buy two in case of doa. Postage should be minimal for the extra item.

  lodger 14:04 01 May 2004

Assuming my USB works, will I be able to run a cheap web cam, or is my 233 psu not up to it ?

  961 16:00 01 May 2004

Probably will be ok. If it's cheap give it a whirl

The other thing to consider is the power supply. An 8 year old unit may well be under 200watts. USB supplies things like scanners from the computer power supply, and my guess is that you need to stick to bits and pieces that have their own separate power supply

  spuds 19:47 01 May 2004

The older the machine usually means older components, which eventually wil result in some form of failure, due to increased workloads.Run a diagnostic check on your computer system. Perhaps try click here or click here and see what your machine as to offer.

  Simsy 20:33 01 May 2004

98se works fine with USB... certainly USB1 I'm not sure about USB2...

It's 95 that cannot normally cope with USB. Though the later OEM versions claim USB support, I have often seen it reported that it is "flakey" in this respect. (I have no experience of it myself!)



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