Usb or ethernet for ntl broadband?

  ray27 20:02 24 Apr 2004

I have just gone onto NTL broadband.
I chose to connect the modem via a usb connection.

What I would like to know is should I have used the ethernet connection instead?
Is there any advantage using the Ethernet?

If so, how do I change the connection?

Do I just reinsert the installation disk and select Ethernet when prompted or should I leave well alone and carry on with the usb connection
Any advice would be gratefully received as usual
Many thanks ray

  keith-236785 20:04 24 Apr 2004

Stick with what you have chosen until such a time as you do a format and re-install, then rethink. if you have plenty of free USB slots then leave as is.

  mobileman1953 20:19 24 Apr 2004

ethernet connection uses less system resources and seems faster dont know why but i am sure someone more enlightened than me will explain why, dont know how to change over try calling ntl support

  Charence 20:23 24 Apr 2004

USB modems normally require you to dial up to connect, even for Broadband!!! But Ethernet connection will eliminate this and will provide a "true" Always On connection.


  Pesala 22:28 24 Apr 2004

So I guess it is more reliable. Not sure how easy it is to change assuming you have Ethernet card installed. I have only USB.

You probably just need to run the install program again choosing the Ethernet option. Save a System Restore checkpoint in case you need to backtrack.

  peachie 22:46 24 Apr 2004

I have been using a usb connection to NTL Broadband for over six months. I dont have to make a dial up connection - its always on and it seems very fast

  wallbash 23:08 24 Apr 2004

usb is a piece of software pretending it is a network card........a network card is a piece of hardware and thefore requires only it self to run.This was a bit of advice given to me some time ago.Also on NTL BB with three machines networked. Ditch the USB , go with Ehernet

  wallbash 23:16 24 Apr 2004

Copied from Triage (thanks)
Method usb to ethernet as stated by those that know!!!

You will firstly need to install an Ethernet card. To do this, follow the instruction provided by the manufacturer in installing the Ethernet card into the PC. Some Operating Systems such as XP will automatically detect the card and install appropriate drivers for it.

When you have finished make sure that the drivers are correctly installed in the device manager. As an example, for Windows 98 double click on the “My Computer” Icon, then double click on Control Panel, then System, then Device Manager. This will show you a list of Devices including Network Adapters.

Now that drivers are installed you will need to follow the steps below to allow the Cable modem to connect correctly through your Ethernet card.

1. Turn off PC

2.Turn of the cable modem by unplugging it from the mains power.

3. Remove the USB lead from both modem and PC

4. Plug in the Ethernet (RJ45 Straight through) cable to both the PC and cable modem.

5. Plug in the cable modem to the mains power, wait 1 minute

6. Check that the appropriate lights are on on the modem as below

Motorola SB4100 = Power, Receive, Send, Online on solid

Terayon TJ210 = Power, Cable, on solid

Ntl Home 100/120 = Power, Sync, Rdy, on solid

7. Turn on the PC

The change has now been made to the connection type there is no need to do anything further, Simply open your web browser i.e. Internet Explorer and check that you are able to access you homepage as normal.

If you have any problems browsing to your homepage please check that all the relevant lights are now on on your modem as below:

Motorola SB4100 Power, Receive, Send, Online, Activity flashing

Terayon TJ210 Power, PC, Cable, Data flashing

NtlHome 100/120 PWR, ENET, flashing, U/S and D/S flashing, SYNC, RDY

  dfghjkl 00:21 25 Apr 2004

ditch the ethernet.i have tried both,i have not had any trouble with either,but all advice is go with ethernet.i think it has something to do with differant usb drivers verses more uniform ethernet drivers

  ray27 18:23 25 Apr 2004

Thanks for all the advice.
I have an ethernet port which is active on the pc so I dont have to upgrade.

All I would like to know is it worth changing the conection and would it increase the speed of the broadband that I am using (its the slowest one, 150k )

I know NTL recomend using the ethernet connection
but I connected it to the usb port as I didnt realise I had the ethernet port on the pc I only found out afterwards(that should teach me to read the small print)

  slimbo51 19:15 25 Apr 2004

According to NTL, using ethernet connection rather than usb, makes the speed about 5% faster.

They System administrator I spoke to a while back also said its much more stable, with less chance of random disconections.

Hasten to add their words not mine.

I'm on 600 B/Band with them and in the 18months to 2 years I've been on the system with them, I have never once using Ethernet had a disconect or anything silly what so ever.

Another advantage I find, is that I re-install XP at least every 2 months and with ethernet link my Internet is on line the moment I have finished the instalation (No drivers Disks Ect requried)

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