USB not recognised in Mac

  Angelo1505 15:09 06 Feb 2018

I was looking for a usb to use for my homework yesterday and my Dad pulled one out the draw and I said ‘perfect’ and he said That I can’t use it because mom has pictures on it she don’t want you to see. So me being curious I got home from school home alone and plugged the usb into my laptop and the light on the usb didn’t come on and the laptop didn’t recognise anything as if I didn’t even plug it in, it was a ‘Samsung flash drive mobile storage’ I looked in the draw and found another one and the same went with this one. Anyone got any idea why?

(I’m using mac btw, I have a windows pc upstairs I didn’t try it’s in there I didn’t think it would make any difference)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:30 06 Feb 2018

Respect your parents wishes if they don't want you to see the pictures (you might see something you don't like).

  Angelo1505 00:27 07 Feb 2018

But I do want to see I’m curious. I’m 15 anyway so whatever I see it’s not like I’ve scared my childhood. So how do I fix it?

  Forum Editor 11:32 07 Feb 2018

"But I do want to see I’m curious."

I'm sure you are, but your mother has said she does not want you to see the images. It has nothing to do with your age - they are her pictures, and she has a right to keep them private - at fifteen years of age you should be mature enough to understand and respect that fact.

Nobody here is going to help you to intrude.

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