USB NAS adapters, any good?

  Whitey012001 19:59 08 Jan 2013


I'm looking at setting up a basic NAS for home use. My kids now have a couple of computers and we need to share videos and iTunes music. All of this is stored on a 1TB USB hard drive, thought he simplest solution was to buy a USB NAS adapter, these can be brought for around £20 of eBay.

My question is, how good are these? Are they man enough for light use, for example a user accessing/streaming files at the same time as somebody accessing music for iTunes?

I know you can buy a cheap ZyXEL nas without a drive for £35 off ebuyer, would it be better to get one of these? I do have a 150gb spare HD that I could use in the meantime.

Any ideas and views greatly appreciated.



  Whitey012001 20:16 08 Jan 2013

Also thought the zyxel wold be more power efficient?

  woodchip 10:02 09 Jan 2013

If you are talking about Downloading from the Net, main thing for speed is your internet provider, come connection. then start thinking about storage

  Whitey012001 16:32 09 Jan 2013

I was thinking more about the speed on my home network.

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