USB Multi Card reader

  Enoch 14:01 21 Dec 2006

I have one camera with a Compact Flash memory card, a new (Xmas gift) camera with SD card (the smaller card) and a Philips photo slide show frame which also uses a SD card.

I was going to buy a multi card reader to use with the electronic photo frame, but before I do, can someone tell me if I am correct in my assumption that when I install the reader, I can connect to my laptop by USB port, insert the relative card into the correct slot on the reader, and then, and this is my question, delete or add to the relative card photo's that I want to get rid of or photo's that I want to put onto/into the frame?

Hopefully the question has been phrased to make sense to you

  Mark McC 14:05 21 Dec 2006

Yes, you can delete and write files to the card's

  Binnacle 14:14 21 Dec 2006

Have a look at this reader click here=

  Enoch 14:24 21 Dec 2006

Mark McC------can you also transfer photo's from reader back to the PC (XPhome laptop) please?

Binnacle-------that is the sort of reader I am looking for. Time in the PC shop should help me decide the actual one I buy, other than maybe being recommended a specific one by the forum readers

  jack 14:35 21 Dec 2006

Uploading images to memory card can have a problem with then trying to view via a camera- I do not know if this may also be true for a photoframe.

In the camera 's case the firmware looks for an EXIF file which is a jpeg file with extra bells and whistles incorporated.
If the image has been edited in any way and saved as jpeg and loaded to the card there is a good chance the camera[and photo frame?] will not recognise it.
There are ways around this type EXIF in PCA search field see what turns up.

  Enoch 15:35 21 Dec 2006


My son, before he gave us this present, had loaded pictures onto the "photo frame" which were almost all jpeg which I had transfered onto a CD for him. These, of course were originally on a camera, transferred to the PC then transferred to this CD-R. He then transferred from the CD-R, plus other photo's onto the SD card of the "photo frame". What I wish to do is to add on later photo's (in jpeg).

It is not important to transfer BACK to a camera, but to keep the photo frame relevantly current. I am a grandparent with married children and a mass of grandchildren and I want to keep the frame showing interesting current photo's.

In light of these details, could I still have the problem you outlined?

  paddy75 15:40 21 Dec 2006

Enoch have a look here, click here Paddy

  paddy75 15:48 21 Dec 2006

Enoch have a look here as well, click here Paddy

  Enoch 15:59 21 Dec 2006

Paddy----------wow, it seems that they cover just about every possibility. However, are they too much (not financially, technically) for what I want to do

  jack 19:36 21 Dec 2006

Enoch. Essentially 'sucking it and see' is the only answer, as I said it is a potential problem only.
Certainly virgin camera images transferred from camera card via reader to computer thence uploaded onto a card for frame- seems straight forward and should be problem free assuming the computer is an Win 200/XP operating system one.
Win98/ME would indeed give the out lined problem because those operating systems were not EXIF aware.
The problem may exist in a current situation if the images are edited in any way-l some image editors are still not EXIF compliant.

  Enoch 05:48 22 Dec 2006

I am going out today to buy a Multi Card reader and I will post back to this link when I have tried and tested the use of the reader on my PC.

I will mark the post closed after the test when I will let all know what transpired

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