USB MP3 player has killed my laptop....

  portacabin 11:49 14 Dec 2004

Connected up my new mp3 player up to my laptop (xp, sp2) for the first time, to charge it up through a USB cable.

At first, nothing happened (I presumed while the battery was starting to charge from completely flat).

After some minutes, the mp3 player screen came to life with some factory setting messages. At this point the laptop cut out compeletely (black screen, no power), and I restarted it.

Player continued to charge, until suddenly the laptop cut out again.

Now the laptop won't even begin to think about restarting - the power-on button does nothing...

Help! Any thoughts....?


  Graham ® 11:55 14 Dec 2004

Connect the charger?

  portacabin 12:30 14 Dec 2004

Nope, no help there...

  Belatucadrus 12:47 14 Dec 2004

Remove laptop battery and connect charger. This will at least isolate the problem, battery or laptop.

  portacabin 13:21 14 Dec 2004

Done that - laptop it is, then...

  TomJerry 14:02 14 Dec 2004

laptop may not have enough power to charge IPod(or clone), so overcurrent and fired, just like fuse blown.

  portacabin 16:02 17 Dec 2004

Replacing the motherboard has worked.

  woodchip 16:10 17 Dec 2004

USB as Power when the Comp is switched of

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