usb mouse doesn't work on boot up, why?

  angus.mac 04:29 01 Jan 2006

I have to unplug it and then replug. - but not always. Any clues anyone?

  Gongoozler 08:36 01 Jan 2006

Hi angus.mac. Tell us something about the computer and operating system.

  angus.mac 10:00 01 Jan 2006

thanks gongoozler . we are Athlon, 1.3hz 1 gb ram on XP.

  AndySD 10:15 01 Jan 2006

Press DEL when the system boots to enter the SetUp Utility

Use the Arrow keys to highlight Chipset Features Setup and press Enter.

Use the Arrow keys to highlight Enable the USB port and Legacy Support (or USB Mouse Support) mow use the Page Up and Page Down keys to set it to Enabled.

Save and Exit (normally F10)

  angus.mac 06:14 02 Jan 2006

thanks have done this but no change. my machine appears to recognise the mouse on boot up sometimes but not others ...

  €dstowe 06:57 02 Jan 2006

Are you using the motherboard USB sockets or a PCI card or hub?

If motherboard, try plugging into a different socket If you have a choice of the main "bunch" of connectors (where the audio, parallel/serial ports are) or ones further down that connect to a front panel or similar, choose the main bunch ones.

If separate card or hub, connect direct to the motherboard.

  angus.mac 09:21 02 Jan 2006

OK thanks Edstowe

So if i plug it in the front, it sometimes works. If i plug it in my motherboard sockets at the back, it isn't recognised. If i plug it in my USB2 card socket, it's cool - though i now need more USB2 sockets!

Whats going on??

  €dstowe 09:25 02 Jan 2006

Oh! That's the opposite of what I expected.

  PC Bilbo 09:41 02 Jan 2006

If you are using a number of USB devices at the same time and they are powered by the computer they will share the max power available for all yr USB skts which MAY well cause the symptoms you describe.

If you say you need more USB skts, go for a USB Hub with it's own separate power supply (approx £10 for 4 way if you shop around)

I would plug the higher drain devices in the hub.

  angus.mac 09:42 02 Jan 2006

thanks anyway...

  angus.mac 09:45 02 Jan 2006

Thanks PCBilbo

Would my USB2 card have its own power supply - hence its working where the others don't?

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