USB modem Problem

  kirilka75 12:14 17 Nov 2008

hallo.i have a laptop dasent work whith my USB Stick Modem MF656-it like system kannt see a devise manager its apear like cd rom.not like a modem.and it dasent connect whith net.please healp me(SOrry for bad english)

  ambra4 12:41 17 Nov 2008

Did you load the software first before plugging in the USB modem?

Or plug in the USB modem and than loaded the software?

Remove the USB modem and uninstall the software

Reboot the computer “Do Not Plug In The USB Modem” reinstall the software

Reboot the computer after the computer have finished rebooting plug in the USB modem

Windows will now find the USB modem hardware and install the driver

One must always read the user manual first, if not sure about how to install or use equipment

  kirilka75 12:46 17 Nov 2008

thanks.but the software are in usb memory.its install automatic afte plug in usb modem.

  mgmcc 16:22 17 Nov 2008

If it appears as a CD ROM drive in Device Manager (and presumably also as an additional drive in "My Computer") is the USB stick using U3 technology so that, if you run the software in its "CD ROM", it will install the modem?

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