USB Modem Problem

  [DELETED] 07:09 27 Aug 2003

I converted over to isdn a couple of weeks ago now and everything seemed to be going ok now as time has gone on im now getting an error when i boot up saying that the usb modem has not been recognized so i have to unplug and then plug the usb lead back into the bt isdn digital box until it decides it wants to recognize it,so has anyone any info as to what can be done to sort this out as this is getting more frequent and harder to try and get it to work, 5 mins of plugging and unpluging before i get it right.
Could this be a hardware problem where the modem that bt gave me when i had isdn installed be up the shoot??

  [DELETED] 07:14 27 Aug 2003

Have you asked BT about the problem?

  [DELETED] 07:28 27 Aug 2003

no not yet i thought id try and exhaust all other possiblities first then give them a ring as i know that if it turned out to be something with my machine and they come out id likely get charged for it

  [DELETED] 07:33 27 Aug 2003

OK. Do they have a noticeboard or FAQs on the system you have?

The thing is that it may be a known problem to them (but not others) and they may be able to give an instant answer. after all, it's their system and they will know, more than anybody else, any quirks and foibles.

  [DELETED] 07:40 27 Aug 2003

the system i have, i built myself so they may not have any info on my machine but ill give them a call and see how i get on thanks

  [DELETED] 07:42 27 Aug 2003

By system, I just meant the telephonic parts (IDSN digi box, modem etc.)

Good luck!!


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