usb modem or norton 360 problem? help!

  figgyjig 14:45 30 Mar 2008

Hi its me again at an internet cafe.

I got a laptop, attached a t-mobile usb modem, then installed norton 360 from a CD.

I didn't swith off the laptop's old security because I didn't receive any instructions to do so. The old security was uninstalled, the computer reconfigured, and the norton 360 was installed. I typed in the key and activated it.

My norton 360 security indicated that I needed to live up-date and back-up files, which I tried to do, but the internet connection keeps closing down before the process is completed.

The connection was a bit hit and miss to begin with. Sometimes I had to click on the connect button a few times before it would connect. Now, after several attempts, I can't get a connection at all.

I have checked the usb modem connections to make sure they are secure. I have also tried to phone t-mobiles helpline, but gave up after listening to 10 mins of music.

Is there any hope beyond the power of prayer?

  mrwoowoo 06:19 31 Mar 2008

First i would uninstall norton and do a reinstall making sure you have uninstalled all other anti virus software first.
If you still have trouble,try shutting norton down and see if you can access the net and update ok without it.You can always leave your windows firewall on while you try.
If you can,you may need to configure nortons built in firewall.

  rehmankanjoo 14:10 31 Mar 2008

I was using Kingston 2GB usb and was working properly. than i used software imation usb lock. after that the usb became corrupt. now when i use usb, than the usb icon is shown. when i try to open it then the message is shown "please insert disk". neither i can format or do anythong. kindly help me

  johndrew 16:57 31 Mar 2008

It would help if you posted your own thread as it is difficult answering two questions in a single thread. I should add that this practice is also known as `hijacking` and is frowned upon.

Meanwhile try uninstalling the USB locking software and reinstalling your USB drivers.

  johndrew 17:03 31 Mar 2008

I was afraid something like this would happen, hence my suggestion.

If anti-virus software is running it is difficult for any other program to remove it. Probably your best bet is to try the suggestion made by mrwoowoo. However you may have to reinstall the original anti-virus software to be able to uninstall that as well.

If your laptop is brand new and you`ve put nothing on it that you need to save, you could also take it back to the manufacturers settings by using the recovery disk.

  figgyjig 20:41 01 Apr 2008

Thanks everyone. sorry I didn't reply sooner. I tried yesterday, but when I posted the message on my computer, I got a message saying that I wasn't connected to the internet. I'll post this before I go any further.

  figgyjig 21:00 01 Apr 2008

Yes It works!

Because I bought the usb modem on the internet, I fogot that T-mobile have shops. An assistant told me to bring my laptop in on Monday, and the manager, a tecnical wizard, would look at it.

The manager said that 64 bit computers with vista get confused as to whether the device is a modem or a usb device, and keeps switching between the two. He did someting to the computer and live updated my norton360.

I took the computer home and got onto the internet, but when I backed up my files the old problem returned. I restored my files and I could once again get onto the internet. As I said before, after atempting to post yesterday to this forum, I failed.

This usb modem seems a bit tempermental, perhaps I need to get used to it. By the way I think my computer is a 32 bit computer, whatever that means.

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