USB modem, help on installing router needed!!!!!

  Rob320 19:30 27 Dec 2005


I have wanadoo speedtouch broadband, and the modem connects to the pc via USB. I cannot plug the USB link into my router. Do I need to use the modem or if I just plug the phoneline straight into the wireless router will it still work?!I really need help, any will be appreciated, in fact any help on installing a wireless system will be great!!!!!. Thanks Rob.

  mgmcc 23:03 27 Dec 2005

If you have the correct type of router - a *combined* "Router & ADSL Modem" - then this plugs directly into the phone line and replaces the USB modem.

You cannot use a USB modem with a router and you must use the combined device with ADSL broadband.

  Rob320 10:21 28 Dec 2005

for the information. I wuill hot tail it to the shop and demand the correct unit.

  Taff™ 10:34 28 Dec 2005

What exactly is the Make and model of the router you have? It may be the right one. What mgmcc is saying is that a Router?Modem replaces the Speedtouch.

  Rob320 11:41 28 Dec 2005

a Sun Vision wireless- G Adsl Router.
What the problem is, is that the existing broadband modem connects via USB and there is no way that this unit can connect to the router as it requires a line input by rj45 plug.

If you can help a little more it would be greatly appreciated.

  Taff™ 11:53 28 Dec 2005

I`ve done a search for the modem but can`t find anything specific however your description suggests that it WILL replace your existing USB modem. What computer do you have and is it wireless enabled? Did the Sunvision come with an ethernet cable and does your computer have an ethernet (Network card) connection?

  Rob320 12:25 28 Dec 2005

no ethernet cable in the box but I do believe that the computor has a networking card but cannot be 100% sure.
what wew are trying to do is the following.
we have three computors. the existing one, an Advent 3117 with the current broadband modem attached (downstairs) and two we wish to connect (upstairs). One is a new one with the wireless bits installed (at the shop) and a laptop with the plug in wireless reciever.
At the time of purchase of the new computor, the guy supplied the router and told me that all we have to do is break the phone line and install the easy set up software on the orginal PC.
If you agree, I think I should nip to the shop and see about the ethernet cable as I cannot see how it can possibly work with it.
I have just taken a quick look at the back of this pc and cannot see a separate card in the card slots. the only thing in the slots is a dial up modem but there is an rj45 socket further up on the back of the pc which may well be for the networking. Is there an easy way to check if there is networking avaialable?

  mgmcc 13:21 28 Dec 2005

<<< there is an rj45 socket further up on the back of the pc which may well be for the networking. Is there an easy way to check if there is networking avaialable? >>>

If it is definitely an RJ45 socket, then there is a network adapter installed. That being the case, in the Network Connections folder, you should have an entry for a "Local Area Connection".

  Rob320 13:28 28 Dec 2005

Hi mgmcc

I have checked that and it is Intel (R)pro/100 VE Network Connection and it is enabled.
The icon (two comptors) on the bottom of the screen tells me that there is a network cable unplugged.

  retep888 16:56 28 Dec 2005

Can you see an ADSL connection on the back of the router? This is for your phone line after a micro filter to go into, if you do, that means you've got the right router, sorry don't know much about this router personally.

But you'll need a straight patch ethernet cable to connect it to the pc and if you can, find out the web page address from the manual or CD which you'll need to configure the router with.( It should be starting with 192.168.x.x)

  Rob320 19:29 28 Dec 2005

just this moment cracked it all and the 3 comps are working. Been a struggle but with your help it has been cracked.
All the very best to you and I wish you a peaceful new year.

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