USB modem connection to Ethernet RJ45

  bionicle 21:33 08 Jan 2010

I am in the process of ordering a new PC from Dell. I do not yet have the PC but have received today the Belkin G wireless router I ordered. Problem is that I am currently connected via an Alcatel speedtouch USB ADSL connection which has a USB output going into the back of my current PC. The new router only has an Ethernet RJ45 input. So can I get a USB to Ethernet cable adaptor or should I look to return the router and order somehing more suitable?

  mgmcc 22:31 08 Jan 2010

What you require is a *combined* "Router & ADSL Modem", which replaces the USB Modem you're currently using. A USB Modem cannot be used with a Router.

The Router's WAN port will then be an RJ11 connector to connect directly to the phone line.

If the Router you've ordered is a stand-alone device, described as a "Cable/DSL Router" then this is the wrong hardware for use with ADSL broadband.

  bionicle 01:41 09 Jan 2010

Thanks mgmcc.

I have had another look at the box and it says to position the router in between the cable or ADSL modem and the computer. It comes with an RJ45 Ethernet Networking cable. I dont want to open the box in case I need to return it but I suppose what I am really asking is will the RJ45 Ethernet Networking cable supplied in the box connect the modem to my USB connection from the modem?

  wiz-king 08:30 09 Jan 2010

Read the instruction diagram for your router to see if it has a phone line connection. If it has no problem.
You can get a ethernet to usb adaptor I use one on a PC that does not have a ethernet connection but dont know if it will work the otherway round.

  wiz-king 08:34 09 Jan 2010

Just had a look at the spec - no modem - so suggest you get another router with built-in modem.

  forumid123 08:46 09 Jan 2010

Thanks For Sharing

[IMG]click here[/IMG]

  mgmcc 08:51 09 Jan 2010

You've got a "Cable/DSL" router suitable for use with Virgin's *CABLE* broadband service. Return it and get a combined Router & ADSL Modem.

Examples of suitable Modem/Routers click here

As I said previously, you *CANNOT* use your existing USB Modem with a Router. In theory the "Cable/DSL" router you've got can be used with a separate *ETHERNET* ADSL Modem (not USB), but it's much more straightforward to get the combined device.

  bionicle 10:52 10 Jan 2010

Thanks everybody. I think I might deal with this by ditching my current modem and switching to Sky for my ISP as they provide a suitable wireless router and are 3 times as fast as my current ISP.

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