usb modem connect to a router?

  Chris the Ancien 21:30 13 Jun 2006

Some time back, I came in to the Helproom to discuss my new installation in a new flat. And following that, I put about 2 miles of electric string round the edges to connect my pc to the phone socket so I could get back on the net. I went for who supplied me with a Speedtouch modem.

So far, so good and I've no complaints.

My employers have provided me with a laptop so I can work from home (i.e. I'm not getting enough hours is at the office - like more than 11 hours a day is not enough!) and they are willing to offer me a (small) sum of money to integrate the laptop into my home broadband connection. The laptop also will need to connect to the outside world through hotel bedroom connections.

This would be easy if the modem worked off my Ethernet card coz I could use an 'old' adsl router that I have. But the Speedtouch is connected in via usb!

Is there a simple hardware solution (and not expensive) that I can use that will allow me to have a router that will allow me to have my 'home' pc and 'company' laptop communicating with the outside world (and the office)? The laptop does have wireless capability; but at the moment, that is the only wireless thing I have. But, would that be the best way forward?



  bemuzed 21:43 13 Jun 2006

You should be able t conenct both PCs to the router? the routr logs onot your ISP and sets up the interent conenction.

  Chris the Ancien 21:47 13 Jun 2006

The Speedtouch modem only has one lead - and that's the small phone type jack. My 'old' router is all rj45.

I've been browsing around... and BT have a Voyager 2110 whicj s-e-e-m-s to work through a usb port. Anyone more knowledgeable than me (which is just about everybody!) on this one?


  Dipso 22:12 13 Jun 2006

The BT Voyager 2110 is a combined modem/router click here so you would no longer need to use the Speedtouch USB, pack it away for emergencies.

You could connect the PC to the router by ethernet and the laptop could simultaneously connect by wireless.

  ed-0 22:53 13 Jun 2006

Any WiFi modem router will do, as Dipso has mentioned.

To set it up, you just replace the modem with the WiFi router like click here

You can hard wire your desktop and use the laptop wirelessly around the house. Or you could get a bundle that would include either a Wifi PCI card or WiFi USB dongle that would give you less clutter to the desktop. It would run the desktop wirelessly.:-)

click here click here

I set up a wireless system for 2 lads, who have moved to a new house, last night via the telephone. The whole task took less than 15 minutes and that included all the security. They do make it so easy now to set up a WiFi network.

  Chris the Ancien 23:12 13 Jun 2006

Apologies for slow replies. I've been trying to cook/eat my evening meal and wait while the darned latest Windows update chuntered its way through.

It certainly looks as though we have a way ahead with all this help.

I shall now go back to our IS team with recommendations. I like the look of the Voyager 2110, but the final decision will rest with them.

Then... when they give me the OK, I just have to install it!


  terryf 23:14 13 Jun 2006

Netgear dg834 is a good router with a hardware firewall

  Dipso 13:19 14 Jun 2006

Agreed, I have the DG834G wireless version.

Although it would be tidier connecting both the laptop and the desktop wirelessly, it would be advisable to have one of the machines wired to the router if at all possible. If the wireless fails you would have problems plus it's not advisable to update firmware etc. using a wireless connection.

  Chris the Ancien 20:22 14 Jun 2006

Again, thanks for all the valuable input/feedback.

I have passed the ideas and matter over to IS and await the (eventual) outcome.


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