USB mixer trouble

  lulu648 19:28 03 Jan 2007

Hi there,
I recently bought my partner a USB DJ mixer for my pc. I installed the hardware and software as instructed even though I did notice that when i installed it i had a warning come on the screen saying that the device 'had not passed windows logo tesing and that proceding could cause problems'. However, i did as the manual said and "continued anyway" and proceeded with the installation.

After about 4 days of no problems my machine started acting somewhat neurotically! It has been hanging on shutdown and the other evening I turned the pc on with the device plugged in i couldnt even get past my Packard Bell startup screen. It even did this without the mixer being turned on. After 3 failed attempts at starting up I unplugged the device from my pc and tried again. The pc came on fine with no probs so once i had logged on i plugged the device back in - BIG mistake. My pc restarted itself without even shutting down and just continued to do so numerous times before i gave up and turned it all off. I havent dared use the device since and my machine has been fine.

The mixer is a Behringer BCD2000 and my machine is a Packard Bell Imedia 1404 running XP on a celeron 3.04 processer.

Any thoughts? Im Baffled!!!

  Totally-braindead 19:31 03 Jan 2007

See if theres anything here click here

  Totally-braindead 19:33 03 Jan 2007

Look for an updated driver if there is one or try contacting them for support if no one else can help.

  Totally-braindead 19:43 03 Jan 2007

Another thought. Disconnect all other USB devices and see what happens then.
I'm wondering if it could be power issue as the ports can only supply so much juice and I don't know what else you have installed.

  lulu648 21:18 03 Jan 2007

I tried a driver update from behringer bt it says i have to plug the device in to install the driver, which caused my pc to restart again!! The only other usb device i have plugged in is my modem, which is one of them little speedtouch adsl numbers. Apart from that ive nothing. STill baffled!!

  Technotiger 21:35 03 Jan 2007

Maybe a silly question, but is your PC USB2 enhanced? The Behringer is USB2.

  lulu648 22:19 03 Jan 2007

not sure actually you know. How do i find that one out? im a bit of a novice at this sorta stuff!!

  Totally-braindead 22:27 03 Jan 2007

Go to control panel then system then hardware then device manager then click on Universal Serial Bus controllers. If it says enhanced then you have USB 2.0, if not then you only have USB 1.1.

  lulu648 22:30 03 Jan 2007

ok done that and theres one that says USB 2.0 root hub. does that mean all my usb outputs will be 2.0 or just selected ones?

  Totally-braindead 22:38 03 Jan 2007

It can vary. The ones mounted on the back next to where the keyboard mouse etc plug in are definately USB 2.0 ports on the front which connect to what is called a header on the motherboard might be USB 1.1 or they might be USB 2.0.
Have you been connecting directly to the USB ports on the back of the PC next to the keyboard mouse connections. If so then that should be ok.

  Technotiger 22:40 03 Jan 2007

'all my usb outlets' ... not necessarily. The important thing is that you should see the word Enhaced in device manager usb's.

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