USB Memory Stick on WIn 98se

  babybell 09:56 12 Sep 2005

i needed to transfer some files over from my old pc so i tried using my 128mb usb memory stick (PNY Technologies) I downloaded the win 98se driver and installed it. However, when i inserted the stick it came up "windows has detected new hardware and is locating the software for it", but it couldn't find it, it then asked for me to tell it the location of the drivers, but as the software wasn't installed into my programs i didn't know where to look. I told it to check the entire c: but no luck. Where do the drivers get installed?

  Diodorus Siculus 10:31 12 Sep 2005

What format are the drivers in?

If they are zipped, unzip to a folder on the desktop.

If they are not zipped, copy them to the desktop in a new folder.

Then when Windows asks for the drivers, navigate to that folder.

  Simsy 10:40 12 Sep 2005

that the software you "installed" was actually the software needed to install the driver, rather than the driver itself...

I'd start again, using the following procedure;

The win98se driver that you have downloaded, save it to it's own folder.

If it's a .zip file, then unzip it to that folder.

Insert your usb driver, and when you get the found hardware box, point to that folder, very specifically. I've found that the driver searching dialogue box doesn't like to "drill down" through folders!

Hopefully that should do it. It's possible you may have to restart after doing this, though I suspect not.

If that doesn't work, another possibility is to right click the .inf file that should be somewhere in the driver download. This should give an "Install" option, which you then left click. Be aware that if you do this there mey be no apparent activity on screen, but something has happened!

If neither of these work I'm afraid you'll need someone more knowledgeable than I! I would however, double check that you have downloaded the correct driver, i.e not one for a different OS or a different drive, eg a USB 2 version instead of a USB1 version?

Good luck,



  Simsy 10:41 12 Sep 2005

my typing's much too slow!



  babybell 11:41 12 Sep 2005

The downloaded driver is an .exe format and when ran simply installs the drivers straight to the machine, without asking, or more imporatantly, telling me where they are going, subsequently i cannot tell the pc where to look!

  Audeal 11:56 12 Sep 2005

As you have downloaded the driver then you must know where it is. When asked for the location, send it to the EXE file you downloaded and see it that will install it from there.

  Gongoozler 13:26 12 Sep 2005

The most likely cause of this problem is that the driver you downloaded is not the right one for your usb flash drive. There are several different drivers on the PNY site click here. Check that you got the right one.

  babybell 14:26 12 Sep 2005

"As you have downloaded the driver then you must know where it is. When asked for the location, send it to the EXE file you downloaded and see it that will install it from there"

When the pc is looking for the driver it requires a .inf file, pointing it to the .exe file will not work

  Wak 16:41 12 Sep 2005

Hi Babybell, I run Win 98SE and have a flash drive (made by Integral) which was installed using a mini-cd disc.
I have found a folder called USBdrive under C:\Program Files which I believe may contain the drivers for it.
Have a look for a similar folder and point the computer to that when asked.
This is a shot in the dark but you never know!!!

  Audeal 21:43 13 Sep 2005

babybell. I stand corrected. Thanks.

  woodchip 21:53 13 Sep 2005

You should point it to the Driver Files you unziped to your Hard drive

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