USB memory stick doesnt show up

  Doire_Bhoy 11:56 06 Jan 2006

I plug it in and the light flashes. It doesnt show up in My Computer.

When i want to take it out it shows up in Safely Remove Hardware

Why doesnt it show up in My Computer.

Im on XP


  rmcqua 12:03 06 Jan 2006

Are you giving it long enough for the XP drivers to load?
Mine takes up to 1 minute.
Do you get any of the little pop ups advising that "new USB device" or "new removeable disk" has been detected?

  jack 12:14 06 Jan 2006

It should show as an additional drive with the next
next letter in the sequence of those all ready showing.
Is that what you anticipated?
for example
A C D for basic machine therefore E woul be the new one

  Doire_Bhoy 12:15 06 Jan 2006

Yes i have given it time and "new usb" has shown up. My usb keyboard and mouse work its not the usb ports

The memory stick works fine on my other pc.

Any idea?

  rmcqua 12:22 06 Jan 2006

A long shot - try it in one of the other USB ports (one of the ports that you normally use for the keyboard or mouse). I have sometimes had similar issues between different USB ports on the same machine.

  Doire_Bhoy 12:30 06 Jan 2006

Tried that mate.
Would it be due to the fact that i have connected to a lot of network drives at uni and at work and as a result i have a lot of DRIVE letters showing up in My Computer?

  rmcqua 12:43 06 Jan 2006

I guess it could be. How far have you got (alphabetically) in allocation of drive letters?

Forgot to ask, does the drive actually work OK, is it just identifying it in my computer that's the problem? I am assuming yes, but please confirm.
Also, I am assuming that you can't see it if you look in the tree in windows explorer?

  Doire_Bhoy 12:46 06 Jan 2006

Allocation of drive letters go up to Z. Allow some letters in between have never been used.

The memory stick works fine in my other pc and shows up in My Computer.

In my first pc when i plug in the stick, the light flashes but the stick doesnt show up in My Computer or in Windows Explorer.


  Hamish 14:21 06 Jan 2006

In a laptop the memory stick would only show up if inserted before I started the computer. Never found out why but it worked that way

  jack 17:11 06 Jan 2006

Have you therefore tried all the drives displayed
In the hunt for the memory stick?
It is not unknown for windoze to swap drives around.
I have it on my machine at the moment. An ext.HDD[I have2] swapped from 'L' to 'F' which had been one of the bunch in a multicard reader.
Why I know not but it did.

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