usb memory stick corrupting files

  bill_h 14:35 29 Oct 2004

I have a 256MB usb pen drive and have been using it for about 3 months without problems. However during the last 2 weeks when I save files on it and then try to open them again afterwards I get a message that says the files are corrupt. This appears to affect program (.exe) files and zip files a lot, but also affects other files occasionally. I use the stick for transporting files from work to home. At work I have win 2000 and at home XP Home. I have tried reloading the drivers for the memory stick but this had no effect. I have found that if I reformat it I can save files OK for a short while but it then starts to corrupt any further saves. Has anyone got any idea what ther problem might be?

  MAJ 15:10 29 Oct 2004

If the Pen Drive was okay itself, formatting it would cure the problem. As it only cures it for a short period, I would guess that the Pen Drive is dying, bill_h.

  Eric10 15:28 29 Oct 2004

Did you buy the pen drive from a known dealer or from Ebay? I had 3 512MB pen drives from 2 dealers on ebay and they were all faulty. I could save data until the drive was about half full then anything else I add became corrupted after the drive was removed and reinserted. Fortunately I was replacing a 256MB drive and I had copied my existing data to the new drive so the fault showed up early.

With the first drive the dealer said he couldn't replicate the fault but offered me a refund so I took it since the fault was quite obvious to anyone with half a brain. The second dealer replaced one drive with another with the same fault but to a lesser degree so I also asked for a refund and got it. A friend also bought a similar drive from ebay and his is faulty too. That's 4 drives out of 4 that were all faulty. I've now bought one from that cost more money but works perfectly.

If you want to test your drive it is useful to copy wav files to it as they are quite large and media player soon reports if the file is faulty. If you copy blocks of wavs to it and put them into numbered folders you can tell if the problem is random or if only files copied to the latter part of the drive are affected. In my case most of the files played OK until the drive had been removed and reinserted.

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