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USB Memory Stick Comparisons fast/slow

  martd7 17:43 23 Jan 2020

I have a Sandisk USB3 64gb Memory stick which quite happily transers films at 30-60mb/s from the PC,however it was starting to get a bit warm when inserted in the USB port on the TV.

I decided to buy another but this is an Adata USB3 64gb stick and the transfer speeds are appalling,between 4mb and 12 mb/s.

Why would this be when both memory sticks are USB3 ?

  Flat Earther 19:41 23 Jan 2020

You get what you pay for with USB sticks, cheaper = slower.

I prefer to use a 256GB SSD (£30) with a USB3 adaptor (£5), gets around 400MB/s

  martd7 08:58 24 Jan 2020

Thanks,great idea

  martd7 15:30 25 Jan 2020

Flat Earther

If you can point me to a 250 gb external SSD for £30 i would be grateful as i cannot find any for that price

  Flat Earther 15:40 25 Jan 2020

You don't require an external SSD, the internal drives are already self contained, you then connect with a SATA3 to USB3 adaptor cable.

click here

  Flat Earther 16:21 25 Jan 2020

You could also consider an M.2 SATA drive for the same price as a 2.5" SSD, but it'll require an enclosure at an extra £10 - £30, still cheaper and faster than a USB stick of the same capacity.

  martd7 17:03 25 Jan 2020

Flat Earther

Thanks i assumed it was an external drive


Thanks but your link takes me to a 4tb Hard drive,i already have an external HDrive of 2tb attached to the TV,thanks anyway

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