USB Mass Storage Devices in Windows 98

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I have posted a link within this forum for some generic USB Mass Storage Device Drivers for Windows 98. I had endless trouble trying to get pen drives etc to work in Windows 98. Basically, pen drives use the USB Mass Storage Device Drivers, these are built in to Windows Me, 2000 and XP, but not in Windows 98/98SE. Microsoft do not even provide a generic driver, so it is down to individual manufacturers of pen drives etc to decide whether to bother providing drivers for Win 98.

Eventually, I came across a solution. You can get a generic Win 98 USB Mass Storage device driver from here:

click here

This should work for any device that is classed as a USB Mass Storage Device, ie. Pen Drives, USB drives and even many digital cameras.

I thought it would be good if people who have tried this driver can post what device they tried it with and whether or not it works. I am also interested to know if it works with the Sony Play Station Potable (PSP) or not, as there are no drivers for Win98 with this.

I hope this is of use to people, and we can get a list of compatible devices going, then that will be of great help to others.

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Sorry, I got that URL wrong, it should be:
click here

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Thank you Softastag. and a well thought out title. This will make it easier for seeker of the knowledge to locate in the archive via the forum search.

If only more of the visitors to forums composed sensible headings for their input instead of the all too familiar 'HELP'.

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Softstag I'd given up on the prob of getting easydisk to work on WIN98 SE after HOURS of hair tearing, naughty words etc. Your solution worked instantly- thanks a billion.

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Thanks, that's very handy.

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Hi canard, I'm pleased it worked for you and I'm only too happy to share this.

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