USB Mass storage. Big problem

  Grandad D 21:49 22 Jan 2003
  Grandad D 21:49 22 Jan 2003

Hi. When I plug my USB mass storage into my computer it is recognised as such. However just after this I get a note on my screen that the computer is looking for but can't find "Disk drive" The storage device is not there in Explorer or My computer. Under Disk drive's in Device manager there is a new drive but it says the driver is not loaded. The computer also runs very slow untill the cable is removed. I am running XP pro. Please help. Ta, Dennis

  jazzypop 22:38 22 Jan 2003

Right-click My Computer, select Manage, click Disk Management.

You will see your new drive listed on the right. Right-click the new drive, and choose Activate

  Grandad D 19:41 23 Jan 2003

Hi. No its not there. When I plug it in and do the above the computer just seems to hang and will not find any drives at all. With it unpluged all is well and it finds both my hard drives and me CD drives. Thank you, Dennis

  jazzypop 21:39 23 Jan 2003

I think I misunderstood. When you say USB mass storage, are you talking about a solid-state USB device - a bit like a memory card?

I was thinking of a large external hard disk, that connects via USB.

If the former, have you installed the USB drivers for it?

What make and model is it?

  Grandad D 20:16 24 Jan 2003

Hi jazzypop. The items in question are a Sony video/ digital camera and a PQI memory card reader/writer. The Pqi was bought as I had this problem with the Sony. Both units work on another computer that is running Win 98. This leads me to think it is a driver problem. However both units say that the drivers for mass storage are a part of XP Pro. I did get it to read the PQI last night but only once. As I said before when the units are pluged in the computer runs VERY slow. When I unplug it runs its normal self. If you can try to sort this it would save my sanity. Ta, Dennis

  jazzypop 20:45 24 Jan 2003

If both the camera and the memory card reader are failing to be read and/or slowing down the PC while XP tries to initialise them, I suspect the USB port, or the in-built driver for it.

I presume that you have already tried all the available USB ports on your PC.

The next step is to uninstall the USB ports and reboot - XP will automatically reload the proper drivers as it reboots.

To do this, right-click My Computer, choose Properties > Hardware > Device Manager, scroll down to the bottom of the list and expand the USB Controllers branch. Select each one and press delete.

Finally, it may just be that you need to update your motherboard drivers. If your motherboard had a VIA chipset, download the latest Hyperion drivers (previously VIA 4-in-1) from click here and just perform the 'default install' option.

If you are not sure whether you have a via chipset on your motherboard, post back with the make and model. If you are not sure what motherboard you have, download and run the Advisor program from click here

P.S. Is this your device? click here

  Grandad D 21:14 24 Jan 2003

Hello again. Thanks for the speedy reply. My device is this click here and my motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-71XE4. I was reluctant to uninstall the USB port as my printer and other USB devices work OK. I have 2 ports and a 4 port powered hub. I will try this tomorow night and hope for the best. If you are able to think of any other cause please let me know, by e-mail if you want. Once again thanks, Dennis

  BillEmm 14:33 25 Jan 2003

Grandad D, The problem may be that you have a USB 1.1 bandwidth probem. Video cameras grab as much of the bandwidth as is available (12 Mbps)thus leaving little for other devices.
Can I suggest you remove all non essential USB devices from the ports, restart your pc then connect the card reader/writer only. If this works OK it would confirm the lack of bandwidth theory.

Then connect each of your other USB devices, one at a time, with the exception of the camera, and see if all work OK. If all is well then connect the camera. Bandwidth guzzling devices should always be connected last.

If the card reader/writer does not work after trying out this sequence then something is amiss elsewhere. If it is only the reader/writer that fails, then I would normally suspect a driver problem,given the info you have supplied, but the device should be instantly recognised by WinXP.

Your motherboard is reputed to have a USB problem or two but I don't know the details.

For what its worth!


  Grandad D 20:44 25 Jan 2003

Hi. I have reinstalled the USB ports as above but it seems to be the same. I have found that if I reboot with the reader conected it seems to work OK. However if I unplug the device and plug it back in I get the problem. (It won't hot swap)I hope this is helpfull to those who are trying to help. Thanks, Dennis

  BillEmm 00:50 26 Jan 2003

Dennis, When you unplug the device and then reconnect; are there any other devices connected to the USB port?


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