USB leads for printers/scanners/etc.......

  Madrat 03:16 12 Feb 2004

I have just purchased a new hp desjet 3650 which is USB 2.0 although its running fine on a standard usb lead into a USB 2.0 socket on th PC would there be anything to gain changing the lead to a USB 2.0 compliant lead or is all this just a ploy to get us to spend more money, or is a 2.0 lead differant in some way and does transfer dater faster.

Please help, brain hurts ,very confused


  [email protected] 06:14 12 Feb 2004
  ventanas 08:35 12 Feb 2004

Strange, every scanner I've bought, and that's quite a few, has had the lead supplied. Didn't you get the correct one with it.

  ventanas 08:35 12 Feb 2004

Sorry, must learn to read. It's a printer.

  Sir Radfordin 08:54 12 Feb 2004

It may well transfer the data quicker, but you are unlikely to notice a difference because the slowest part of scanning is the actually scan itself. A USB2.0 cable won't speed that bit up. The actuall data size is relativley small (few megabytes in most cases) so it is unlikely to be worth the expense.

  Madrat 15:01 12 Feb 2004

But what about printing is it any faster with a usb 2 cable.

  Diemmess 15:53 12 Feb 2004

I think USB 2 is less important to a printer than a scanner. Unless you have a screaming fast industrial type printer, which you don't.

  961 16:12 12 Feb 2004

You won't get the printer (it was a printer was it?!) to go any faster with a better USB cable. The speed of the printer is slower than USB 1 works at

  Madrat 19:04 12 Feb 2004

Thank you all you have stoped mt brain from hurting. If I had trusted my instinks I wouldnt have been asking this in the first place. I think that could be a good moto for life!!

Remember "don't belive the hype"

  Sir Radfordin 10:57 13 Feb 2004

USB2.0 will only really make a differnce when doing data tranfer from one media to another be it external hard drive or CDRW. Printers and Scanners both have a slow element that won't speed up no matter how quickly the data can be passed from scanner/printer to computer.

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