usb keys

  conrail 13:35 21 Jun 2012

probably a daft question but I carry videos/photos of granddaughter on 8Gb usb keys to show friends and family, easier than on discs, any idea on why some will work with some TV's and others wont, ie on my TV a Sandisk drive works but a Kinston isn't recognised, both came formatted to FAT 32, is there anything I need to do to have them both working the same, I have formatted both to FAT32 but still the same, TV wont accept anything bigger that 8GB formatted to FAT 32?

  Woolwell 17:01 21 Jun 2012

Do the TV manuals give any instructions?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:19 21 Jun 2012

Most TVs / recorders use Linux base systems and sticks / drives seem to work better on the ext2 format.

To format a stick as ext2 you will need to boot from a live linux CD r have linux installed as a dual boot on your windows system.

To access files on an ext2 partition in Windows you need the IFS utility

  conrail 19:20 21 Jun 2012

thanks for reply Woolwell, manual just says: 'Some USB compliant devices may not be supported.' thanks also Fruit Bat /\0/\, the options are DTV/USB which I usually select and ext1 and ext1S

  robin_x 19:34 21 Jun 2012

My PVR is also hopeless at recognising an individual device. It may work for several transfers, then stop.

A re-plugging may work or it may take a full reboot or I may swap to another device, till it plays up with that as well.

I've seen others moan about it too, and with new devices from various manufacturers and other models of my PVR (Sagem). It's not a connection issue just crap software in my case.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:43 21 Jun 2012

I think you have misunderstood my post

ext1 - ext1S will be selectable external input connections to your TV

I am talking about a file system used in linux ext2 (windows uses FAT32 and NTFS).

the drive may be recognised better when formatted using the ext2 file system in linux rather than FAT32.

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