USB Keyboard/Mouse problems

  newton_rover 18:46 18 Mar 2005

I have a Medion PC running Win XP Home SP2. It is about ten months old and has worked very well.Recently I bought a 'DVD Maker' unit which advised me to use their disc to update the USB 2.0 Host Controller driver. It also told me to remove all USB devices before doing this. I only have USB facilities for my Keyboard and Mouse so it was difficult to remove everything and thereby not be able to control the PC. However I did what I could and had to switch off by holding in the On button. When starting up the wireless keyboard works for a short time (the light flashes) but then by the time the logon screen appears it is dead and I cannot type in my password. The same problem occurs with an ordinary USB Keyboard which lights up the Num Lock key for a short time but once again when I get to the logon screen it is dead. I have probably now got a corrupted USB Host Controller Driver (?) but cannot logon to roll back or restore a previously working system, can anyone help please.

  woodchip 19:24 18 Mar 2005

will it restart with the usb connected in safe mode? I have two Medion desk and Lap but not USB keyboards. For safe mode keep pressing F8 as computer starts

  ade.h 19:39 18 Mar 2005

Plug your keyboard in to the PS/2 socket (purple for keyboard, I think) using the USB to PS/2 adapter that should have been supplied with the keyboard. You did keep the adapter, right....?

If not, I think they can be picked up from PC stores for a few pounds. It will get you up and running without having to find a PS/2 keyboard.

  newton_rover 19:41 18 Mar 2005

Hi Woodchip

When I pressed F8 the keyboard worked to let me select safe mode as opposed to safe mode with command prompt etc., but then the screen comes up wanting a password and I can't use the keyboard to type it in or move the mouse to select the user. The wireless or ordinary USB keyboards seem to only work for a very short time and not long enough for me to be able to get past the logon screen.

  newton_rover 19:48 18 Mar 2005

Hi ade.h

Unfortunately no PS/2 ports on this machine, only USB for Keyboard and mouse

  ade.h 20:28 18 Mar 2005

No PS/2 ports?! I guess your PC must have a legacy-free motherboard of some kind. I'm not familiar with Medion.

It sounds like there may not be any easy solution to this problem. PS/2 would have been ideal because it it works in Windows, DOS, BIOS and all types of safe mode.

Ironically, this would be easy to fix with System Restore, if only there was a way of getting to it.

Have you tried getting to the Recovery Console (I'm assuming that you installed it from the Windows CD or it was already installed). Press F8 as before. If the RC isn't on there, you'll need to boot from the CD.

Do you have keyboard support long enough to enter BIOS? I'm guessing that it might not work for long enough, but if you do, it will allow you to boot from CD by changing the 1st boot device to CD-rom. Windows will then give you the option to repair the installation.

If the keyboard problem kicks in before you can do that, then it might be best to take your HDD and place it in someone else's PC with PS/2 in order to getting into Windows and sort the problem with either Sys Restore or the Recovery Console.

Good luck. Hope this helps.

  ade.h 20:40 18 Mar 2005

Also, try this:

Enter BIOS (here's hoping the keyboard works for long enough!) by hitting Del at boot. Go to Integrated Peripherals and scroll down to USB Keyboard Support. It will be set to OS (operating system) so change it to BIOS. This is intended to provide basic USB functionality in a DOS environment, i.e. BIOS and the Recovery Console.

This may just allow you to progress a little further and get closer to undoing the damage.

  woodchip 20:49 18 Mar 2005

And why I prefer 98se, at least there's that obsolete DOS

  ade.h 20:56 18 Mar 2005

And why even legacy-free mothboards should still have a PS/2 socket.

  woodchip 20:58 18 Mar 2005

Only thing I can see is if you have a XP disc stick it in and run repair. Failing that run the Restore disc

  ade.h 21:03 18 Mar 2005

I've already suggested that.

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