USB- hubs or PCI

  jack 12:12 20 Oct 2005

A frequent query here is 'My USB device wont run or the computer has stopped or similar.
The answer can boil down to 1 Unplug USB devices not in use or get hold a Powered Hub as oppeosed to a 'dumb' hub.

The reason given being the multiplicty of USB devices requiring power [Some scanners/drives and the like]from the PC-PSU is more than the unit can cope with.

My question is - Would this also be true for a PCI card of extra USB sockets?

  €dstowe 13:16 20 Oct 2005

A PCI USB card will give you a complete new set of USB sockets - more than a hub of any type can do. Even powered hubs rely on a single USB connector into the computer so they are, to my mind, pretty useless especially when you consider that you can buy a multi connector USB PCI card for such a low price.

  Diemmess 13:36 20 Oct 2005

Only downside to a PCI-USB card is overload to PSU.

Usually fast, neat and quite safe, but if current demand is higher than average there is a small risk of overloading an old (low wattage) PSU.

  jack 14:05 20 Oct 2005

In the discussion yesterday €dstowes reasoning that a 'hub' ultimately channels the data/power down one 'line' where as PCI card gives 4/5 new single 'lines'came up as did Deimess argument - that demands from multiple devices whether through a single channel or through dedicated lines will still with the wrong sort of device 'Pull the Power down' were both put successfully - So there is no remedy to power drop except- 'If it aint in use -pull it out'- even a more powerful PSU will reach its limit.

  Diemmess 14:30 20 Oct 2005

.........Vary hugely, many peripherals draw only a token milliamp or two.

Printers usually have their own power supplies, external HDs also. Pen drives and direct camera downloading hardly use anything at all.

The hungry ones will be a Broadband Modem and some Readers and other plug-in devices which for cost cutting or space reasons need to draw current.

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