usb hubs dedicated/power

  maddos 21:29 10 Feb 2008

Is a dedicated usb hub the same as a powered usb hub.

  Totally-braindead 23:40 10 Feb 2008

I might be wrong here but I THINK a dedicated hub is the one actually on the motherboard and a powered hub is exactly what it says, an external powered USB hub.

Why do you ask? Curiosity or a problem?

  DieSse 23:41 10 Feb 2008

You would be wise not to assume it is.

I've never heard the term - to me it would imply the box was only a USB hub and had no other facilities.

If you need to know if it's powered, the ask the person who's selling it (?).

  crosstrainer 07:52 11 Feb 2008

Use a hub with it's own psu. Saves drawing power from the pc, many on the market and won't break the bank.

click here

  maddos 20:25 11 Feb 2008

not a problem, but thought of getting a webcam, and read somewhere that it was better to use a usb hub with dedicated ports. Wondered if it was the same as a powered usb hub. Sorry for the delay in replying. I
Thank you, and all who replied.

  Totally-braindead 23:18 11 Feb 2008

Right. Not really sure where they were going with that. I wouldn't imagine a webcam used much power but if it did then it would be better to use it on a powered hub I would think. Though as I said I don't think thats necessary. Only items that use a bit more power really need a powered hub.

Could they be on about the bandwidth of the USB ports and mean its better to run it on its own port rather than off a port that has more than one device on it? Could that be what they mean?

Sorry but thats the only thing I can think of, they maybe mean to put it on a port on its own to improve quality. This is a complete guess by the way as I've never heard anyone giving advice on webcam use on USB ports and don't own one. And to be honest I don't see this being an answer either as webcams don't use the full USB 2.0 bandwidth anyway.

  maddos 03:21 12 Feb 2008

Thanks, the piece about the band width of the usb port rings a bell.Your reply was informative, and has helped me understand a bit more about the subject. Will not tick the resolved box just yet, in case someone else has some thing to add. Once again thank you.

  iscanut 10:03 12 Feb 2008
  Totally-braindead 12:49 12 Feb 2008

Interesting thread Nuts and certainly seems to explain what maddos wanted to know about.

  maddos 19:33 12 Feb 2008

Thanks for that. Your reply to heronsbridgeA8 explains it. Even if he did not have the manners to reply. All replies were very much appreciated.
Matter resolved

  iscanut 21:49 12 Feb 2008

Glad you are sorted

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