USB Hubs

  Jackcoms 21:18 26 Apr 2005

My daughter is just about to take delivery of a new Dell laptop which has 2 USB sockets.

She proposes to run a USB printer from one socket and connect a 2-way hub to the other socket to run a mouse and a USB pen drive.

Will there be sufficient power for the mouse and pen drive from the (unpowered) hub?

  fred 21:39 26 Apr 2005

I do it on a regular basis

  Jackcoms 21:41 26 Apr 2005

"I do it on a regular basis".

We are still talking about USB hubs aren't we?? ;-))

If so, thanks for your answer!

  spuds 23:06 26 Apr 2005

Some items working off a usb hub can have problems, and you will find this out when you try the product out.Changing to a powered usb hub can sometimes solve this problem. The more power thirsty the product, the more the problem will show.Do not forget that USB1 and USB2 will show a difference. A typical example is exterior modems and card readers.

  rawprawn 08:03 27 Apr 2005

Hi Craig, I tried using a Belkin powered hub (4 usb ports) on my Dell desktop but with limited success, so I'm not too sure about unpowered on a laptop. If you want I will post you the powered hub as I no longer need it because in the end I fitted another internal card.

  Jackcoms 08:22 27 Apr 2005


Thanks for your kind offer. E-mail on the way to you. Craig

  Stuartli 09:01 27 Apr 2005

I've used a (cheapo) four way powered USB1.1 hub for about four years (an Agfa scanner is attached to one of the two system USB ports and the hub to the other).

The hub connects/powers a variety of devices including a webcam, card reader/writer, PC Card remote control transmitter and BB modem.

  Jackcoms 10:26 27 Apr 2005

Thanks for all your help. It looks like a powered hub is the solution.

rawprawn has already posted his to me!!

I hope that my elder daughter, who will be using the lappie at Uni from September, also appreciates your kindness! :-))

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