USB hub with Win XP

  xquest 23:50 06 Apr 2003

I find that my wire-less mouse and keyboard won't work when the receiver is connected via a USB 2 hub. Neither will the external modem. They all work OK if connected to the 'built in' USB 2 ports.
The inkjet printer sometimes only prints a bar code effect (if b/w) or quarter of a page if in colour, if connected via the hub.
The external hard disk and scanner both seem OK via the hub.
Technical friends say they think there are restrictions with USB hubs (bandwidth ?).
What are the rules and regulation ?

Will I hit the same problems with my ADSL modem, and web camera ?

  Goldcroft 08:30 07 Apr 2003

Read on this forum that you need a powered hub. What is yours? Believe Lidl from this Thurs have a Typhoon hub for about £15. Anyone know about this as am thinking of buying?

  jimv7 08:32 07 Apr 2003

Is it a self powered hub, if not its likely not to be drawing enough power to supply the 'extras'.

If it is self powered then its propably faulty.

  €dstow 08:52 07 Apr 2003

You are far better off with a USB PCI card which has all its own USB hardware, rather than a hub which tries to stuff several signals down into one USB connector - ending up with none of them working properly.

These cards are quite cheap (possibly cheaper than a hub) and easy to fit.

Most suppliers have them.


  xquest 09:49 07 Apr 2003

Many thanks for the advice, folks. Yes, the hub has its own power supply. The only obvious possible fault is that the USB plug from the hub is a very easy fit in the socket, not like the other plugs which are a tight fit.

I'll keep an eye on this discussion in case anyone comes up with further ideas but I'll tick it as resolved.
Again, thanks for your quick responses,

  Kudu 10:22 07 Apr 2003

I have a usb2 pci card and powered usb hub.Broadband modem,printer and scanner are running of hub perfectly.I did have problems with keyboard and mouse connected to hub or pci card so bought adaptors and find they run better direct from ps/2 ports.

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