USB hub startup problem

  Scott 15:01 04 Feb 2004

I recently bought a powered USB 2 hub (backwards compatible to USB 1), connected it to one of the two sockets on the back of my computer, and it works without any problems.

However, if I switch off the computer it will not boot up again! The lights on the hard drives flash a few times then nothing. Even the monitor is dead.

If I then unplug the USB hub the computer boots up as normal so there’s something about the hub being connected or the sequencing of the boot-up procedure that stops the computer from booting and yet it works perfectly if I plug it in after the computer is going. I only have my optical cordless mouse plugged in to the hub.

I have a Pentium 2 with a 450 MHz processor.

Has anyone got any suggestions how to resolve this problem?


  jimv7 15:12 04 Feb 2004

It could be that the hub is drawing too much power on start up, what size is your psu.

  Scott 22:30 04 Feb 2004

Sorry jimv7 - I'm a novice - what does psu mean and where do I find what size it is?


  -=Dark=-{Lord}^Angel 13:55 05 Feb 2004

i agreed with jimv7 it looks like the hub is draining to much power from the system on startup and so i suggest that you either leave out hub until system can cope or go into bios settings and see if there is any problems there

  jimv7 14:27 05 Feb 2004

PSU = power supply unit, if you take the side of the computer off, you should see the psu as a large squareish box, most say what rating they are on the side of it.

Do other usb devices work ok, if not check the bios to see if usb is enabled, also if running xp pro, have you service pack 1 installed as this contains extra usb drivers for the operating system.

  Scott 00:27 06 Feb 2004

The psu is rated at 200 watts. My OS is XP Pro and service pack 1 is installed. All usb devices work, both from the hub and from the two usb sockets on the back. Can't see any problems in the bios settings and usb is enabled.

If it's a lack of power on startup then there's not much I can do about it other than disconnect the hub every time I switch on & plug it in again after I boot up!


  Bagsey 08:18 06 Feb 2004

If your hub is a powered hub then the capacity of your PSU should make no difference as the hub has its own power supply. Check that the hubs own supply is in fact working. Or return the hub to the supplier and moan at him for a new one that does work. I have used many of the powered hubs and rarely have any problem with them. Suspect duff hub.

  Scott 11:17 08 Feb 2004

Thanks to all those who offered help and advice. I have been in touch with the supplier and they are to replace the hub. Hopefully that will resolve the problem.


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