USB Hub question

  ribo 20:19 10 Jan 2007

Can anyone tell me if it is ok to use an external usb Hard Drive plugged into the powered usb hub or should it be plugged direct into the MoBo?
It is used for backups and Restore Images. Thanks

  Stuartli 20:27 10 Jan 2007

I would suggest using a dedicated USB port if available, just as with a scanner or printer.

  jack 20:27 10 Jan 2007

As this a 'Powered Hub' I see no problem.
A problem could theoretically arise if it were plugged in the a MoBo with other devices all making demands for power- this will slow the machine down and in extreme cases stop the computer all together.

  jack 20:29 10 Jan 2007

I should have added ideally the external drive should be self powered and not rely on computer PSU power but I guess a Powered hub is the next best thing

  Technotiger 20:31 10 Jan 2007

If the external hard drive has its own power supply, as most have, then it does not need a powered usb hub.

  Totally-braindead 20:37 10 Jan 2007

Agree with Technotiger. It doesn't really matter if you plug it into a hub or not as far as I'm concerned it still works.
The only thing that would make a difference as far as I am concerned is if you have USB 2.0 ports on the computer and the hub was USB 1.1. If so then the hub would slow the drive to a crawl and shouldn't be used.

  ribo 10:14 11 Jan 2007

Thank you all for your help and advice. J

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