USB hub question...

  nick_j007 10:36 06 Mar 2006

Hello all,

I have a laptop with two USB1 ports at the rear, and a PCMCIA card in the side that gives me two USB2 ports now.

The USB1 ports are always being swapped and changed due to the need at the time, what with a printer, USB Skype phone, PDA sync, wireless mouse etc.

Can I fit a USB port on at the rear? It will remain USB1 of course, as nothing high speed required. Will it require its own power source also, or will the PC power it?

Any mileage in fitting a USB2 hub off of one of the side slots? And I should think that would certainly require extra power.

USB1 suits me for most applications anyway, so I'm more inclined to stick to a hub at the rear.
If you feel a USB1 hub at the rear will be fine, can you make any recommendations also please?

Many thanks as always.


  Totally-braindead 11:08 06 Mar 2006

There is no problem in using a USB hub but depending on what you connect to it you may be better off with a powered one. It really depends on whether the items you plug in use the power of the USB. The other thing of course is if using the laptop battery how will this effect the battery life.
To be honest with you what I would do is buy a cheap powered one and try it, if everything works ok without the power connection then fine if nor you can always plug it in. Plus I personally would get a USB 2.0 hub as you then have the choice of using it in the USB 1.0 or USB 2.0 ports. Something like this perhaps click here

  Taff™ 11:12 06 Mar 2006

A simple 4 port USB hub at the back will suffice. I use one that hooks up 2 printers (One Laser/One Colour inkjet, External HDD and a wireless transmitter for the keyboard and mouse. All these are unlikely to be a) Used simultaneously or b) too power demanding. I use another USB port for my scanner because that seems to need the power exclusively.

If you have one near you try Poundland! Otherwise you should pick one up for less than £5.

  Taff™ 11:12 06 Mar 2006

I`m talking non powered of course!

  nick_j007 11:27 06 Mar 2006

click here

This one is described as USB2 with PSU (power supply unit?) Looks great, and has 7 ports.


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