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  zzzgordon 14:29 16 Mar 2007

I'm running a Win Xp PC with a Asus p4S333 mobo. the machine is a few years old with a 2.4 ghz procesor and 768mb ram.

I've got 4 usb ports which i use directly connected from mobo.

I recently purchased a webcam and a usb hub to cope with extra usb connection but for some reason the PC wont see the usb hub. If I unplug hub and plug the webcam or another device it works okay - problem being is I've 6 usb devices with cables but only 4 usb slots, hence the hub.

the usb is a powered belkin 4 port USB hub.

Any ideas or advice on how I can get the mobo / pc to see and accept the USB hub ?

thanks for your help.

  chub_tor 14:55 16 Mar 2007

Are you certain that the hub is not faulty? Can you try it on a different PC?

  Fingees 15:12 16 Mar 2007

It may be worth contacting belkin on their free telephone, as they will replace under lifetime warranty.

  zzzgordon 15:13 16 Mar 2007

belkin hub works fine on a newer pc.

also tried a Trust hub - again same problem.

  Stuartli 15:17 16 Mar 2007

In the case of my MSI motherboard's Bios, you can change the number of USB2.0 ports available/in use. Might be worth a check.

  chub_tor 19:02 16 Mar 2007

Have you tried the hub in all 4 of your USB ports. Or do you know for sure that all the existing 4 ports are working?

  zzzgordon 20:17 16 Mar 2007

have swapped the usb hub around the different ports to no avail.

  chub_tor 13:56 17 Mar 2007

According to this site click here your motherboard has "up to 6 USB ports". The pictures are not very good but I think that you have four sticking out the back and probably an internal header where you can add another 2 - perhaps on the front. This may give you another option if no one can come up with a way of making your motherboard find your hub.
There are some comments on this site click here about Belkin powered hubs which may/may not help. But perhaps it wouild be a good idea as suggested by Fingees to call the Belkin support line on Monday.

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