USB hdd probs

  MASE 1 18:52 05 Feb 2004

I have just bought a 80 gig external hdd.the problem is although it is recognised in device manager under disc drives and usb ports I cannot get it recognised in my computer. I have tried the drive attached to the ide cable inside the computer and it is recognised and because it has been partioned it showes as disc D and F.But not as USB.
Any ideas anyone

  Curio 20:46 05 Feb 2004

Presumably you have a C drive, which has been partitioned to create Drive D.
E would be your CD/DVD drive.
Your USB Drive takes next available alphabetical letter which is F.
If that is in My Computer window, I would assume it has been recognised but will not say it is a USB connected drive. If you are running XP, do you have a Safely remove Hardware icon in notification tray? If you do, click it and if it says Safele remove USB Mass storage device Drive F, that confirms it.

  MASE 1 21:14 05 Feb 2004

Not quite right. c drive is not partioned Fand G are dvd rom and cd re-wrwite. When I tried it in the pc it came up as D and E. For the 8o gig which is partioned. but now when I want to use it as a usb ext drive it is not recognised as D and E
or anything else for that matter.
Safe to remove only says cable modem.

  keenan 21:44 05 Feb 2004

Does your external drive support USB2 or firewire?
as this provides a far quicker transfer speed than the standard USB connection and obviously uses a different port for detection.

I had a similar problem recently on another pc,whilst the 'acknowlegement tone'could be heard the device was not shown in 'My computer'.

The cure was to use a powered USB hub.

  MASE 1 22:03 05 Feb 2004

Yes it is usb and no conection for firewire. and is connected direct to a spare usb2 port

  MASE 1 22:21 05 Feb 2004

Just looked again and it does indeed show on safely remove but only as mass storage device and no letter

  Big Elf 22:34 05 Feb 2004

Just a thought but if you have a VIA chipset then the Hyperion 4 in 1 drivers or the basic VIA USB driver update might help click here

  Curio 22:46 05 Feb 2004

Try following the safely remove procedure and note which drive letters are removed from My Computer. Do the same letters appear when you reconnect the external drive? If so you have found the partitioned drive and you can use either letter to store information on that disk.
It may be showing USB mass storage in Notification Bar Safely Remove Window because the system does not recognise two partitions on one disk.

  keenan 22:48 05 Feb 2004

Further help click here

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