USB HDD Not recognized

  DMAC 21:30 18 Aug 2004

I recently upgraded my W2K laptop HDD from 10GB to 60GB. Rather than ditch the old 10GB HDD I bought an i-buddie USB housing for it, thinking to use it as an external USB HDD for file transfers etc.

My problem is that both my laptop and desktop will spot the "USB Storage device" when connected (and I get the "safely disconnect icon in the Systray), but I cannot see the USB HDD in windows explorer.

It occurs to me that the 10GB HDD still has a copy of the OS on it from its laptop days and I haven't formatted it yet...but I don't know if this is the problem.

Is there something else I should be trying in order to use the 10GB drive as a portable external HDD?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:39 18 Aug 2004

Check if drive appears under disk drives in device manager.

  cream. 21:51 18 Aug 2004

Do the same as windows X\P. Right click my computer > manage > disk management. Your drive should appear on the right hand side. Right click on the drive for instruction tools.

It may ask you to initialise the drive, do it if you have no files you want.

  DMAC 22:22 18 Aug 2004

Thanks Guys -still have a problem though.

Yes the USB HDD shows up under Disk Drives in Device Manager.

Following TVI's advice: CLicking on My Computer/Manage/Storage/Local Disk Manager crashes both computers. the desktop goes to reboot and the laptop flashes a blue screen excepton error and reboots.

I realise my desktop already has four drives (HDD, DVD-ROM, CD-RW, Internal ZIP) does this mean I can't have another HDD? (ALthough USB memory sticks, cameras etc are handled without problem.)

Is the crash likely to be caused by the presence of an OS on the 10GB external HDD. I'd like to format it but may have to put it back in the laptop as primary HDD to do so...

Any advice?

  DMAC 12:48 19 Aug 2004

Putting my old laptop HDD back in the laptop and formatting it (removing OS and all records) has worked.

I used Partition Magic in the laptop to format the HDD (To NTFS). When I shuffled the drives around and then plugged the formattted 10GB HDD in as an external USB, Disk Manager recognized it and listed it but I couldn't write to it (format error). I reformated it while attached as a USB drive and now it works fine.

I suspect that the problem was Two identical OS when I tried to connect the drive by usb befire te formatting exercise.

Now to see if my desktop reads it.

  cream. 19:26 19 Aug 2004

Glad it's sorted but disk management should have formatted it for you, second O\S or not.

I don't think your desktop should now have a problem reading it, if it does it may be worth doing a health check on the drive.

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