USB flash/stick memory devices

  M.Pash 17:21 21 Oct 2005

I am thinking of buying a 1gb usb memory stick any suggestions on what to look out for ie pros and cons would be appreciated.

  Belatucadrus 17:36 21 Oct 2005

Good idea, in my opinion get USB2 and don't go for the most expensive you can see, because the downside of such compact storage is that you can easily misplace them.

click here for some interesting reviews if you want to read up on them.

  LAP 17:41 21 Oct 2005

One 'pro' does your camera support professional memory sticks? If so these will download the image to your camera quicker and also I believe quicker to your computer.

My camera is a Sony and I use Sony memory sticks.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:44 21 Oct 2005

Bought one at the weekend

A 1G lexmedia £40 plugged in XP found it straight away and display an empty explorer screen ready for me to drag and drop files to.

Use in ernest today to transfer setup fles for AV and filrewall to a PC prior to connecting to internet. much faster than installing from CD

  LAP 17:49 21 Oct 2005

Sorry I the wrong end of the 'stick'.

  wallbash 17:53 21 Oct 2005

Use my 256 all the time, but when I come to upgrade will look for a more robust one. Most are 'cheap' plastic with a cap that is just waiting to be lost.

So it will be a 'folding' key ring model made out of metal, but will check out that its a 'narrow' model that does not foul a nearby plug!

  ade.h 19:06 21 Oct 2005

I like the rubber-cased Corsair models; they have proven to be very reliable, and robust as well. Not all USB flash drives that I have used have been quite as trustworthy.

  WhenHeavenTouchesEarth 19:15 21 Oct 2005

I recently purchased a Lexar Jumpdrive Lightening.

Very durable, great features, very fast read/write speeds,a little expensive but I got mine from eBay at a reasonable price.

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