usb flash/pen drive

  algo mas 14:26 01 Sep 2003

I have a 128mb. pen drive.
I run windows 98.
I have already loaded the driver and it works on my computer.When I plug it into a windows xp computer it states that the mass storage drive is working but there is no symbol in 'my computer' and I cannot access any files.The green light is 'on', on the pen drive.I have tried 'troubleshooting' on windows xp but it says the drive is ok.
I took it back to my own computer [win 98],and it worked ok.
Help please ! I thought I could move the pen drive from one computer to another.

  stlucia 14:39 01 Sep 2003

You can. And 98 should be the only version of Windows for which you have to install a driver -- it comes as default with later versions.

When you plug it into your XP machine, does a little symbol (a green arrow with something on it) come up in the toolbar at the bottom of your screen?

  toz666 14:47 01 Sep 2003

i have a have 1 of these and in xp it does 1 of 2 things, as above u should notice a little icon for usb devices and by double cliking that will show u a list of your connected usb devices if u have any.
but more importantly and a lot easier, on my xp system it just adds the pen drive as a extra lettered hard drive, excessable in my computer just like any normal hard drive.

i think also i didnt even need any drivers for my pen drive in xp, just plug in and away we go , icon in taskbar and extra drive.i do thow thinking back think windows did install its own small driver upon first install.

just try again and check both options ive said.

oh 1 final thing i 4got, if indeed u do have the usb icon and it does show up, this is the way to dissconnect the drive,with windows throwing up a warning error if u dissconnect any other way.
u have to clik stop in the usb menu b4 u dissconnect.
hope this helps

  stlucia 13:08 02 Sep 2003

Message by email from algo mass:- "the computer makes a little sound and a small green 'usb plug' [something like that] shows in the task bar.
If I double click this a box comes up with do you wish to stop this device [remove from computer]."

Sounds from that that your device is working as it should, so I'm puzzled why you don't see it in My Computer -- it should show up as another drive letter after your HDDs and your CDs, as it presumably does on your Win 98 machine. Perhaps someone else can pinpoint the problem.

To answer the last bit of your query, you should be able to move the device from one computer to another. Can you take it to the shop where you got it, and ask them to test in on one of their PCs? Or try it in a mate's XP PC?

  dave h 14:01 02 Sep 2003

When you plug the pen drive in , it does not always show up at once in explorer, sometimes you have to close back to My Computer and then double click to open it again, and the pen drive should show up.

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