USB Flash Drive

  roi 17:10 01 Mar 2003

Bought a USB flash drive (for xfer of files, etc). However, having left it 'plugged in' whilst working in C-drive it (now called G-drive)seems to have self-created certain read-only folders/files - noticeably 'Recycled' and 'System Volume Information'. These two grow when their counterparts do in C-drive. However, the size of 'Recycled' is such that it fills up well before its counterpart, and I am asked if I want to permanently delete the next item rather than send it to a full 'Recycle Bin'. I think I'd like to delete all on the G-drive, and ensure that, in future, I don't leave it 'plugged in' but use it only as a transporter. However, I can't delete any of the folders 'cos they're "being used by another person or program".

Any ideas how i can get back to square one?


  Lead 18:07 01 Mar 2003

When you say 'USB Flash Drive' are you referring to one of those small USB 'memory pen' devices? If so, have you tried re-formatting it?

I use one also, they are great gadgets. I have one suggestion though - I always 'stop' the device before unplugging it. Even though it is USB and supposedly 'hot-swapable'. I'm on my second one, the first failing (full of data) after simply pulling it out.

  roi 21:12 01 Mar 2003

Yes, just that - also sometimes called a'thumb drive'.
I'll try a 'low level format' (offered in the v limited accompanying 'utility' - tho' it also has a dire warning about only being used as a last resort).

Sorry Lead - please define 'stop'.


  zanwalk 21:30 01 Mar 2003

Before removing a USB Mass Storage Device you should right click on it's symbol in the Taskbar and left click the option to 'safely remove this device' or similar.

  roi 22:03 01 Mar 2003

OK Rayburn, got it thanks.

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