USB Fault

  POP 12:06 08 Mar 2011

Hi, I have a very unusual fault with a very long explanation. I had a Fuji S8100 camera using an SD card for storage. The camera went faulty with a locked lens and as I had pictures still on the SD card I tried to down load them via the USB cable supplied with the camera. When I plugged the cable into the computer it said that the USB device was not recognised and ever since then whenever I plug a card reader into the computer it works once as normal but from then on “USB not recognised” appears and the reader, not the card will not work in any of my computers always coming up with “USB not recognised”. I bought a new camera which uses SDHC cards and the first time that I plugged this into my computer via the supplied cable it uploaded the pictures alright. The next time “USB not recognised” appeared and the camera would not upload any more pictures. The SDHC card will still work in the camera, and in an akasa multi card reader plugged directly on to a five pin connector on the motherboard. I also bought a Trust portable multi card reader, this worked once then stopped. I bought another Trust reader and plugged it into the USB on the akasa, the whole akasa crashed, but after uninstalling the USB device that had come up with a “Yellow” fault and reinstalling it, it worked alright. I have tried it in a computer running 32bit XP on a gigabyte MB, (this was the comp used at the start of the trouble.) a computer running 64bit Win7 on a gigabyte board and a Toshiba Laptop running 64bit Win7.

  proudfoot 14:51 08 Mar 2011

I had a problem with USBs on a previous PC not detecting a USB hard drive.
I was told to do the following:-
Switch Off, Remove all monitors, printers and anything else connected to the PC. Disconnect from the power supply and leave the PC unpowered for as long as possible at least overnight.
Re plug every thing in reboot and hopefully the USBs work.
I didn't believe it but it worked.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:35 08 Mar 2011

Ghost device conflicts are the mostly cause especially for devices that are connected and disconnected regularly i.e. pen drives, external drives, mp3 devices and phones.

Remove all USB devices

click here

Download and run

Uninstall ALL devices that are shown as not connected.

Reboot the machine.

Plug in your USB device and windows should then find new hardware and reinstall the drivers for the device.

  POP 17:36 08 Mar 2011

Hi st-clares,thanks for reply but as I said once I have put a new card reader into the XP comp it works once and then does not. All other usb devices plugged into the same port work alright. It just seems to blow card readers.The first time that it happened I uninstalled all the usb drivers then reinstalled them still the same and once the reader has been through the XP they do not work on the win7.New readers plugged into the win7 work every time.

  POP 17:42 08 Mar 2011

Hi Fruit Bat, thanks also for your interest. I have usbdeview somewhere on this comp, perhaps I should look at it properly. Will get back to you.

  POP 12:48 09 Mar 2011

Hi st-clares & Fruit Bat. followed sc,s advice, reader still not recognized.used usbdeview uninstalled all not connected and not recognized devices, restarted comp all devices reinstalled, plugged in duff reader and got BSOD.Will not try the reader again. Pop

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