USB external drive problem... or is it?

  HappyTrucker 06:33 26 Mar 2007

I have a Philips USB external HD. I don't know if I'm doing right or wrong, but I leave it plugged in to both the mains and the USB port. However, when I boot the PC with the drive plugged into the USB the boot process just hangs after listing the Primary/Secondary Master/Slave configuration.

If I unplug the USB drive, boot continues as normal. It's almost as though the PC is trying to boot from the USB drive. Is this normal or has something gone 'a bit wonky' for want of a better term?

  skidzy 06:49 26 Mar 2007

Have a look in the bios and check the boot order,you should read something like first boot HDD/CD/FLOPPY/USB,you may have to look something on the lines of usb legacy and disable this.

  HappyTrucker 07:16 26 Mar 2007

Boot is set for A:, C: CD drive. Don't think there's a USB listed, but I'll look later

  Technotiger 08:08 26 Mar 2007

Hi, I have two usb external drives, both are switched on before I boot-up pc, everything starts as normal. In your BIOS I would suggest that you change your Boot order to make A: boot last - or I believe it is possible to miss out A: altogether, long time since I looked at my BIOS so can't properly remember; unless of course you do use your A: ... First in Boot order is normally C:

  Technotiger 08:40 26 Mar 2007

ps - another possibility ... try a different usb port, dunno why this should make a difference, but it sometimes does.

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