USB Extension Cables

  The Ghost of Inept Pig 14:59 18 Apr 2004

'lo all,

Have any of you had any previous experience in using USB Extension cables? such as click here

It's quite possible that I'm going to need to use one at a point in the not so distant future, and just wondered if anyone had encountered any problems when using them - or had any brand recommendations.


  sil_ver 15:05 18 Apr 2004

I've recently bought one and it works with no problems on a webcam. Best to get a USB2 lead tho' as they will work with either USB1 or 2 and are (allegedly) better quality than USB1

  TBH1 15:08 18 Apr 2004

I use a 5m extention for my bb modem - - -and in the past used a 5m one for my webcam, with no problems at all. I did try 2 x 5m with webcam which didn't work. Not sure if there is a difference in a usb1 extention and a usb2 one. Bought mine for a fiver from ebay a couple of years ago.

  The Ghost of Inept Pig 15:59 18 Apr 2004

Good enough for me!


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