USB Extension Cable

  Old-Teleop 17:03 16 Aug 2005

Hi !
Wanting to set up a couple of Webcams at the top of garden for bird watching without using a Wireless setup, I wondered if anyone had information of the length of cabling for the USB extension.
Would it be workable with 15m cable to each Webcam and going into two seperate USB plugs ?

Any ideas welcome !
Thanks Yorkie576

  Diemmess 17:15 16 Aug 2005

Did a quick Google search - "signal losses usb cable" and chose click here

This site suggests 20metres max, buit they are selling amplifiers!

  stylehurst 17:15 16 Aug 2005

I seem to remember reading some while ago that the maximum USB cable legth was about 10 ft (3m). Can't remeber where I read it and whether this is still the limit

  €dstowe 18:20 16 Aug 2005

One of the local busybodies in the village where I live has set up a webcam to look out for miscreants congregating around the local pub and bus stop. He's using about 45 metres of USB cable back to his house. I think he had the cable specially made up but, I understand it does work as he's had success in bringing some of the local youth to justice.

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