USB to Ethernet adaptor?

  jazzypop 23:02 11 Apr 2003

I am looking for a UK supplier of a USB to Ethernet adaptor. The only ones I have found are those that allow you to connect from a USB port on a PC to an Ethernet cable.

A colleague of mine has an ADSL connection, and an ADSL modem that connects to his PC via a USB cable (i.e. RJ11 in, and USB out).

He has been given a Netgear FR114P router, which he would like to use, especially because it has a built-in print server. This would allow him to network his second PC, and have the printer available without worrying about which PC it is connected to, and whether it is switched on when he wants to print.

However, as the lead coming from the modem is a USB lead, and the WAN port on the router is an RJ45 (Ethernet) connector, I was wondering if anybody else had found a suitable supplier for an adaptor.

Otherwise, a sub-£100 router with a USB WAN port will probably be acceptable, provided that it contains a print server.

Don't be too concerned if I don't reply immediately to any responses - life is a little hectic at the moment, and I am only able to pop in now and again (at least for the next few weeks).

Thanks in advance for any replies.

  Taran 23:55 11 Apr 2003

I bought one from Canada while I was over there on business a couple months ago for a friend who had similar requirements. If memory serves, it came in at around $40.

A quick bit of Googling came up with a UK supplier (well, lots of them actually) called Starmount at the following URL, who advertise such an adapter for £23:

click here

Hope this helps.



  Taran 23:58 11 Apr 2003

The Google search criteria I used was as follows, without quotes marks:

USB to RJ45 adapter+UK

If you run the search yourself it may well turn up a supplier closer to home for you, where ever you happen to be in the UK.


  jazzypop 04:01 12 Apr 2003


Many thanks for the response. At the link you gave, I only found a "USB to Ethernet (RJ45) adaptor", which seems to do what I describe in the first line of my original post, i.e. connect from a PC's USB port to an Ethernet cable.

I am looking for a connector from a USB cable to an Ethernet port.

I had run a very similar Google search to the one you suggested, but so far have only found the same sort of adaptor that you linked to.

I appreciate the helpful suggestions, though.

Any more links or sites from anyone?

  jazzypop 11:33 12 Apr 2003


  Taran 14:39 12 Apr 2003

I overlooked the search results for the UK and what they were returning because based on text descriptions it seemed appropriate.

You're right though, I can't find a UK supplier, but the device I got from Canada does what you need it to.

If you'd like the suppliers name, email me, but if you can get it over there, I'd imagine if you hunt around hard enough you'll turn one up over here.

If I hear anything in the meantime I'll be sure and let you know.

  jazzypop 14:58 12 Apr 2003

Thanks for the kind offer.

I'm still searching (as time allows) - if I get stuck, I will be in touch.

Meanwhile, if anyone else has solved this problem, I'd be happy to hear from you :)

  tbh72 15:06 12 Apr 2003

click here

Maplins have quite a comprehensive range of cable's, connector's & misc. computer item's I'll allow you to search as I have found it quite difficult to find thing's from them. But you have a much clearer understanding of your needs than I do!!

  tbh72 15:17 12 Apr 2003

click here

You might have more luck here.... Cable Universe!!!

  jazzypop 21:49 12 Apr 2003

I appreciate your efforts - I truly do. However, the links and the stockists that you point to only have devices that are 'the wrong way round'.

To save anyone else the trouble, the device I am looking for (if it exists) will have a USB socket, and an Ethernet (RJ45)plug.

I am still very much open to suggestions, though :)

Thanks again for trying.

  jazzypop 16:03 13 Apr 2003


I'm still looking .... but has nobody else faced and fixed this problem before?

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