USB DVT Stick CPU Useage

  mrtreacle 14:33 29 Dec 2006


Seasons greetings to all

Just received and set up v gear USB dvt stick on my pc
Scanned and received 67 channels and reception signal strength is at top level on scale
Problem is i have intermittent drops and blocking from time to time
I have checked task manager and the cpu useage is between 50% and 80% but when it soars to 100% i have the drop out and blocking
The process seeming to take up the cpu useage is TMmonitor.exe
The pc is 512mb mem and Pent 4 2.66ghz processor so well above the min spec according to the manufacturer guide on the dvt stick
Basically the reception and picture quality is fabulous but when the cpu is under heavy load there is blocking and fall out

Any clues at all please all help gratefully thanked in advance


  darrenrichie 15:13 29 Dec 2006

TMmonitor is your total media software so maybe an idea would be to stop any unnecessary programs from running whilst using it. Try stopping any unessential processes in task manager or closing any running programs and then run it and see if it makes a difference.

  mrtreacle 16:02 29 Dec 2006

Thanks Darren i have been trying a few things along those lines
I have discovered by using cacheman and setting the total media and tm monitor to high mem priority the cpu useage varies at a lower rate and only occasionally reaches near 100 % which is when the blocking occurs
Cacheman tells me i have around 220mb mem free of 512mb so perhaps the answer may be more mem


  5starred 22:11 25 Jan 2007

How much did you pay for this DVT stick if you don't mind me asking. I was after one for a laptop but wasn't really sure that they would work so I left it alone but I'm more tempted now.

  Technotiger 22:18 25 Jan 2007

Hi, I reckon more RAM would probably make a big difference.

5starred ... Freecom DVB TV is great. I have it on my desktop. As per mrtreacle's my pic etc is excellent.

This is where I bought mine.

click here

  L_Driver 22:28 25 Jan 2007

I also find this prob using my Freecom DVT stick. What I find helps to some degree ( try it )is thus. It is very CPU intensive so don`t have too much running while viewing. Go into Processes in Task Mgr and right click the DVT process ( don`t know what it will be called on your system ). Set the PRIORITY to Above Normal. See what happens.

  5starred 23:48 25 Jan 2007

I heard Freecom was good. I also heard it got some of the pay channels witout paying? Not that I'm bothered but for £30 its

  5starred 23:49 25 Jan 2007

sorry was saying ....

its a great alternative to buying a small lcd tv

  5starred 20:09 15 Feb 2007

Just got one of these today followed instructions and first of all came up with no signal, scanned for a while then said no channels found. Tried again a few minutes ago came up with a message no tv card exists - what does this mean?

  Technotiger 20:11 15 Feb 2007

Hi, did you get the one shown in my link above?

  5starred 20:14 15 Feb 2007

Yeah but off ebay, bit of a story with it though. When it came no remote, contacted seller said would try and get one but failed, issued full refund and told just keep it no need to return maybe its faulty?

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