USB Driver problems

  Rebuilt 12:36 06 Jun 2009

I have been describing this in thread :- click here
But I felt that I need to post with a more relevant title.
My USB front panel looses power half way through the vista startup. This also affects my External hub when I have it connected.
I have deleted all my USB drivers and restarted the computer and the front panel power stays on until almost the end of the detection phase.
I did was using a USB keyboard that functioned OK (including the internal 2 port hub) but I am currently using a PS2 keyboard while I try to solve this problem.
When I delete the drivers I notice they all seem to be reinstalled in the detection phase - including devices that are unplugged.

1. Is there a way of deleting any memory of these devices so that they will be detected from scratch during a new power up.

2. Is there a way to clean up the system. I have CCleaner (no registry errors) & VITweak (nothing obvious but I am not an expert in using it). I did try to get Driver Cleaner Pro but their payment screen could not match my address and rejected the payment.

3 Is there any other advice on how to go about resolving this issue. I have done a search and cannot find anything.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:44 06 Jun 2009

click here

will show all usb connected equipment, if you use th program to uninstall it wipes the usb info for the device from the registry.

Be careful especially if using any HID devices or USB wireless cards.

  Rebuilt 13:34 06 Jun 2009

Thanks for that. The utility certainly clears out all the garbage history. However, I still have problems.

Now, the only USB device connected is my front panel and, on startup, it takes quite a while to recognise the devices. A lot of this time is taken doing 'Searching Preconfigured Device Folders'. Everything seems fine to almost the end when the power light on the front panel dies. The last device found is 'HX2LP Kit (3.03.0000.2)'. When I plug in my external hub I get a second copy of this recognised but that, also, is dead.

Not sure where I go from here?

  Rebuilt 13:53 06 Jun 2009

This is how my drivers look at the moment:-
@usbport.inf,%usb\root_hub.devicedesc%;USB Root Hub Unknown
@usbport.inf,%usb\root_hub.devicedesc%;USB Root Hub Unknown
@usbport.inf,%usb\root_hub.devicedesc%;USB Root Hub Unknown
@usbport.inf,%usb\root_hub.devicedesc%;USB Root Hub Unknown
@usbport.inf,%usb\root_hub20.devicedesc%;USB Root Hub Unknown
@usbport.inf,%usb\root_hub20.devicedesc%;USB Root Hub Unknown
Port_#0002.Hub_#0002 @oem25.inf,%vid_04b4&pid_6560.devicedesc%;HX2LP Kit (3.03.0000.2)
Port_#0004.Hub_#0007 AVEX AX1611 SM USB Device Mass Storage
Port_#0006.Hub_#0002 @oem25.inf,%vid_04b4&pid_6560.devicedesc%;HX2LP Kit (3.03.0000.2)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:07 06 Jun 2009

only USB device connected is my front panel

How many USB devices on front panel and do you have a card plugged in?

  Rebuilt 15:21 06 Jun 2009

2 USB ports & 4 card reader slots

  Rebuilt 15:22 06 Jun 2009

Sorry - No card plugged in - but I have tried it that way and there is no difference.

I have just updated my BIOS to the latest and ensured Legacy USB support is enabled

  Rebuilt 15:24 06 Jun 2009

I suspect that some software installation did this but I cannot find what. I have deleted all of Windows Live & Net Framework with no change

  Rebuilt 19:00 09 Jun 2009

After much work and analysis on this I am almost certain that the problem is with the "HX2LP Kit (3.03.0000.2)" driver. This seems to be for a "low-power" hub - which would sort of fit with the symptoms.

I have deleted all USB Drivers (and used the utility mentioned by Fruit Bat above to clean them out) but it still loads this driver again when it does it sense. I have tried searching for drivers on the original DVD but Vista just tells me that I have the latest driver installed and gives me no option to deal with it.

Is there any way that I can completely junk this Cypress HX2LP Kit driver from my system so that it does not get loaded when the USB detection is taking place?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:04 09 Jun 2009

HAve a read here to remove Vista drive inf

  Rebuilt 19:08 09 Jun 2009

Thanks - but I did not get the link

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