usb driver problem for card reader with XP

  smick 23:24 20 Mar 2004

After experiencing problems with my olympus camera when connecting to the USB port I decided a USB card reader may be the answer, a suggestion made in other threads on this site. When I connect my card reader I have similar problems to my camera problem. The card reader is detected by XP but the default mass storage device driver does not load correctly & cannot be found. Does anyone know why this is or where I can find the required XP driver? The device is supplied with a disc but this is only for use with Win98, as it is expected to use the generic XP drivers.

  woodchip 23:33 20 Mar 2004

Try loading the disc before you connect the reader as you should with camera you should load drivers and software before connecting a USB device

  smick 23:42 20 Mar 2004

The disc is only for win98. If you try using it, it comes up with some garble about being written for win95 etc.etc. It is states in the card reader manual: plug in the usb cable & the default mass storage device driver will load on WinXP. I have tried the reader with win98 & it works fine. Any more ideas?

  jimv7 23:48 20 Mar 2004

If its win xp a lot of usb problems are solved by the installation of sp1.

  smick 23:54 20 Mar 2004

Sp1 is already installed. It seems to me that anything on XP is a pain in the a**e. When I got my scanner that was very difficult to get working but worked first time on Win98. I suppose this is what microsoft calls progress!

  billyliv 08:52 21 Mar 2004

Hi, I found that by adding a 'USB 2 PCI card' a lot of my USB problems vanished. Well worth the money. Cheers, Bill

  woodchip 18:05 21 Mar 2004

It may be a good IDEA to upgrade to Win98se

  woodchip 18:05 21 Mar 2004

It may be a good IDEA to upgrade to Win98se PS I so Win98se Discs At Compter fair today £8.00 new

  spuds 18:18 21 Mar 2004

A couple of driver sites click here click here

I was having problems with some of my equipment, when I transferred to XP. A solution that seemed to work, was using a self-powered usb hub for some of the 'problem' items.

  anchor 18:19 21 Mar 2004

I bought a Belkin USB CompactFlash card reader and it worked, "out of the box". As soon as I plugged it in, Win-XP found it, and installed the necessary drivers itself.

click here

The same thing happened when I plugged in a Belkin USB SmartMedia reader.

Both work fine without any problems. No help to you I know, but changing your reader may be easier than changing your operating system.

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