USB drive not showing in bios

  bumpkin 15:04 11 Oct 2015

I wish to update my bios in order to try Win10. I have the update on a USB stick which is seen in Computer. When I enter bios/advanced/tool/EZ Flash2 Utiity the USB drive is not showing.

  bumpkin 15:50 11 Oct 2015

Thanks for the warning but it would seem that if I don't update it I can't install Win 10.

  bumpkin 15:54 11 Oct 2015

I find some things hard to believe. I can install Win10 on a seven year old PC but I don't want to for a specific reason but I can't install it on a PC about 8mnths old as it does not like the CPU.

  lotvic 16:35 11 Oct 2015

I am hoping to install W10 on a new AIO touchscreen I got with no OP Sys installed. Was planning to install my W7 retail and then upgrade to W10. Seems I will have to do more research before I start, having read of some of the problems that can encountered. Ho-hum.

  bumpkin 17:47 11 Oct 2015

When you have done some research as I also have perhaps you can tell me how to install win10 onto a nearly new win7 pc which just refuses to install saying the CPU is not supported even after a bios update. This is a serious request lest it be taken out of context.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:17 12 Oct 2015

some AMD cpus are not compatible yet. what make and model of laptop?

  bumpkin 10:38 12 Oct 2015

Fruit Bat, it is a desktop that I made so no make or model.

M/bd is ASUS H81M-PLUS with a Pentium G3220 CPU.

I managed to flash the BIOS by using a DVD but Win10 still fails to install saying that the CPU is not supported.

Any ideas?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:52 12 Oct 2015

Just posted similar information in your thread in the windows forum.

  bumpkin 17:43 12 Oct 2015

Thanks, I have checked that DEP and EDB are both enabled.

  bumpkin 19:09 12 Oct 2015

It looks like I am forced to give up even though I know it will run on this CPU, all I keep getting is NX not supported Must be a setting somewhere as others can run it. Now installing it on a 7yr old PC which shows no problems

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